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Monday, 26 January 2009

One step at a time

It has been a few weeks since my last post, been really busy with lots and lots of things I can't even remember, good start of the year.
At the moment we have taken on an extra assignment, so on paper we are working 48 hours a day the two of us! With the credit crunch getting closer, or not, we might as well do whatever we can to secure the next coming two years, it also means I have no spare time to do the extra things I like, but all for a good cause!
Our surrogacy story continues of course too, this week we hopefully get back the results of the tests (finally), Thursday we have a meeting with our lawyer, which hopefully gives us the courage to take the final step.
Recently there have been some legal issues with IP's in the UK, and there has been a personel change within the office of the High Commission, which results in a whole new way of working...
However, we are hopeful and look forward to confirm our travel arrangements soon!!!
Last week A's mother was in the Netherlands for a visit, she arranged that there are new curtains in all rooms, jippie, and like all of our relatives and close friends, she is already anticipating on the future; since A's office is going to be a nursery, she bought pre made curtains for that room, so we would not mind throwing them away:)... dreams dreams dreams, still so many steps to take.
Please keep your fingers crossed and hopefully I can post a confirmed start NEXT week!
Regs to all