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Saturday, 25 July 2009

twice as happy

Today we received our scan! Two healthy foetals! Two!
If only words could describe our feeling of pure joy I would write them down, but no words can capture this.
Although they're both healthy, one of them is small compared to the other one but we have no idea what to think of this.
The smallest one is actually normal according to Wikipedia and the bigger one is slightly out of the higher range. The doctor emailed us and said that they are doing another scan in 4 weeks to see how the smaller one is doing because she too said that the smaller one is small in every way compared to the bigger one. But it has a strong heartbeat!
To be honest, this week I have started on a new post at least 4 times but they are still in 'drafts'. I did my math again and again after receiving the Beta numbers. And in my draft posts I wanted to share my thoughts.
The first Beta numbers were out of any normal range so I thought this must be twins, the second Beta numbers were within range but on the higher side, the third was normal for one foetal and the fourth too. So I thought that one of them just stopped developing. But now they did the scan and found two heartbeats! We haven't really looked into twin developing yet but of course we will now.
We feel so lucky at this point and also hopeful that the smaller one catches up with big brother or sister :)) The to-be grandparents are also overjoyed, my mother is burning all candles she can find. My mum can't wait to call A's mum but since we haven't got hold of her yet she has to wait (horrible yes). My dad was just proud of himself as he predicted us having twins.
We have told our closest friends that we are in fact expecting twins now but we need all the good thoughts we can get! It feels so real now, I mean, the bigger one has to keep developing as it does and the smaller one just has to catch up. There are two heartbeats, two tiny tiny foetal and two over the moon so happy to-be daddies! Pfew, every time I think that things can't possibly get more scary it just does.
This morning A got home from Canada and we read this wonderful news together, then we had to go to the dry cleaner and on our way home we passed "babydump": in English this is an awful name, in Dutch it stands for low budget baby store. So we went in to look at some things and also to get an idea about how much are beds and strollers and and and.... well I can tell you now the prices were not low budget at all haha. But they did have some cool stuff like automatic rockers, just wish they would make these for adults too. They also had some handy lists of all the things you need: also a lot and we enjoyed our first official visit whilst expecting with heartbeats!
Last weekend in Spain was wonderful and I was imagining that around the same time next year we will be there too but then with our children. But it still is difficult to really grasp how much our lives are going to change, I remember talking about preparation for their arrival with the Mike's and they too said that it really doesn't matter how much you prepare yourself because it will never be close to reality. But still we will do everything to get at least close to the best preparation ever lol.
Well folks this is it for now. Good thoughts for all who is expecting or about to be! And extra good thoughts for both our precious babies, we could not be more happy.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Rain in Mumbai

We were supposed to hear from the clinic again last Friday with regards to the B numbers, however, due to the heavy rain in Mumbai at the moment our surrogate has not been able to travel to the clinic. They've arranged transport for her today so we will know more tomorrow.
I can only describe what a feeling we have at the moment. We are both still very much thrilled over the fact that there is a pregnancy, we feel confident and just hope for the best.
Last weekend my parents came back from a holiday and we hadn't seen them since we got the 'word', first thing they did was visiting us... even though I specifically said that there was nothing to show for yet:)) : my mother just could not wait to give our first present LOL, about 20 onesies. We had a good laugh, but too, it is an emotional journey for them as much as it is for us.
A is an only child so a grandchild was not something his parents expected, I am one of three and for various reasons there was no way for my parents to become a grand parent... but look where we are now! I am not really a person who wants to keep something like this a secret, also because a lot of people have known for a long time that we were trying to create our own family and also supported us and and and.. whatever.. we are ecstatic! Our love, respect and friendship goes beyond I ever expected to experience.
Here in Holland there is a saying; "ieder huisje heeft z'n kruisje" which means something like every family carries its burden or has a different road to take. For us it meant keeping our focus on the things that are really important. For others we know it meant a lot more misery..and for those of you: Whitney's new song 'I didn't know my own strength'. Perhaps I am a bit more 'mushy' now! LOL.
Tomorrow morning I am off to Spain for a few days of sunbathing. A is already there since yesterday but I am just too busy at work to take to much time off (Poor Little Old Me). Off to work and fingers crossed for good B# (... but not to high!:)

Monday, 6 July 2009


We just received an email which states that our surrogate is tested pregnant!!!! I think we are still in shock now.
We just phoned our parents who are as ecstatic as we are and also a little bit in shock, all of us tried constantly to temper our hope, and I think that tonight we will try to temper our feeling again to prepare us for the next 10 weeks! For now, we are as happy as one can be!
We're both in shock as especially the last week we were more and more expecting it not to be successful the first try! Of course we still have to wait if everything stays okay for the next 10 weeks and then the rest of the pregnancy of course!!
Now of to work and fingers crossed again!