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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Good thoughts and a picture!

Well I guess this is a first for us but we actually posted our first picture of one of our babes! We received these last weekend whilst we were in Toronto Canada (btw I love canada; beautiful country/city and super kind people). We are so so so so so thrilled! I really like this picture since s/he seems to be having fun in there. Things are still going great (I just knocked on wood for the one billion time almost). All the other pics are incredibly clear as well and I think I could tell the gender of one of them (after searching for examples for both gender pictures on the internet). The pics were actually made almost two weeks ago but for some unclear reason it took a little longer before they were send to us.
Last week I went along with A to Toronto Canada which was on my top list of places I have wanted to visit for years and we decided that we should enjoy the freedom to do that now... next year will be so incredibly different. The Niagara falls were great, mostly because we went on the Maid of the Mist boat. Whilst we were waiting to get on board in our blue plastic raincoat there were some tourist from Japan waiting as well. We saw them putting household foil on there shoes (pictures only on request lol) and we thought that was kinda over the top. Boy were we wrong! We were soaked! Due to jetlag we were there VERY early in the morning so there was plenty of time to visit the outlet stores just over the border in the US. A searched the internet for strollers and supposedly there were some big stores with only strollers: we did not find them but we did find plenty of other outlet stores with baby stuff. So we gave in and bought some of clothes from Osh'kosh B'gosh (or something like that) for when they are newbies, 3 months old and 12 months old, we know that is a bit early but o well.
Crossing the border between Canada and the US wasn't a big pleasure. Every time I enter the US for a visit it seems that the police thinks we are criminals with bad intend. It feels horrible. Both our passports have stamps from all over the world which is of course terribly scary, we look like mafia since we are from another continent so therefore we cannot be trust. In all, the border people don't make you feel welcome. Of course after 9/11 things are different in the US now, but I never think of myself looking like a crook and that is exactly the feeling they give me. I have been reading about tourist figures to the US and they have been going down for a while now, even in the US people are talking about the way tourist are welcomed at the border and the way people are treated. I just hope that a bit more reality is kickin' in 'cause we are not used to cops shouting: 'Step away from your vehicle SIR, hand your keys over and wait here!" I mean, do they really think that us two queers will put the pedal to the metal? LOL. According to A the border people here in Holland are just the same for people from other continents. I feel ashamed if this really is the case, so therefore: sorry for rude Dutch people! When we crossed the border again back to Canada we took the wine route to Toronto and I do not want to insult the canadians, but I never knew they made wine in canada. The route back to Toronto was beautiful, the space people have in Canada isn't comparable to the space people have here in Holland and now I understand why people think it is crowded here in Holland. I mean in Toronto there are so many houses with gardens in the middle of the city, its just unheard off! We also went for a drive through Wisteria Lane. Yep, we found it, it's in Edwards County Canada. At the sailing club we talked with a lady who lives there and she told us; yep, it looks like Wisteria Lane, it feels like Wisteria Lane but without the high heels, no cocktails and only if you are actually from the place people will talk to you. She was definitely from far far away:).
That evening we went to a bar in Toronto with horrible looking drag queens, which they were only for the occasion to collect money for people/children with aids. But one of them stood REALLY out from the crowd, just imagine your neighbors grandfather, in a short white dress, high heel shoes, big Marilyn Monroe look a like white sunglasses and a BIG white wig... and a white beard. What people do for a good cause. Since I am not particularly good with time differences we didn't stay too long... and also after one drink we saw enough haha, we went back to the hotel. The day after we spent exploring the city and flew back again late that evening. I had to get back to work again and since A has is fixed annual holiday he went to visit family in the UK, I'll join him for the weekend.
So in all, we are enjoying our time together to the max and we are also preparing big time for the big change next year. Good thoughts to all and especially for our surrogate and our babes!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

A's blabbering

Three and a half months on, the nerves have settled a little, but we're opening another can of nerve-worms as we speak! What colour to paint the walls of the babies' room!? Everywhere we go (and that's a lot), we see baby cots, baby car seats, baby jump suits, baby shoes, baby socks, baby uggs (can you believe it!), baby bottle warming equipment and much much more. What to choose and in which colour? The baby vanity is mounting! haha, it's a hard life!

We've been to see a baby daycare facility near us, and it was impressive, if somewhat huge! The fear of leaving your baby with strange people is a daunting prospect (even when you haven't physically got the babes in your arms yet). It's a highly emotional and traumatic situation. We've therefore now asked Niels' mum to be to help us a little on certain days. Because I was virtually brought up by my grandparents as a child, I find it extremely important that our children's grandparents play a big role in their development.

We're still nervous regarding the progress of our surrogate. That's more to do with the so-called time delay of the info coming from India rather than any real fear! We've received a number of emails just saying that the surrogate is doing well, not really a satisfactory answer you may agree? The pressure is now on to get that much wanted extra info and see those photos we've been waiting for!

We also received a kickass song from the Mikes, don't forget to check their blog!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

and some more blabbering

I was home alone this weekend and enjoyed doing absolutely nothing this weekend! Just had a few drinks at our local bar and watched all new episodes of the X factor UK! It is a bit sad but I am actually addicted to this show, I've seen it the last couple of years and I am still amazed how much talent they find in the UK.
I never watch the dutch version cause we dutch do have some talents but singing isn't one of them!
On the pregnancy side nothing much is happening, everything seems to go alright. We did receive our invoice for the next trimester which means getting closer to our goal.
Now we're getting further in the whole process, it also means for me that I start to wonder what sort of parents we will be? And how will we manage time wise to get all things done? I mean as much as we love having two babes in our lives it is the biggest life changing event I can envision.
The surprise of expecting two babes instead of one is great but it also means a lot of extra changes. I mean, A is gone for at least two days a week and sometimes even three and how will I manage to feed two babes alone at night when they both need to be fed? Scary!
Last week we went to the day care center for our intake, and even though it looked great, really friendly staff and all, I did think it is strange that after the long road we have been following to get were we are today we will take our babes to a day care center. It is only for a maximum of two days a week and supposedly it is good for the development of their social skills but I rather have them at home. Having said that, I rather have night care lol.
At the same time things have always worked out well for me and A so bullocks to scary moments!
We also started to move things out of our office which is going to be the nursery.. this means that my painting room will also be a office. The babes will be sharing a room and I guess that's okay for the first year or so. We haven't got a clue yet how we want the nursery to look but we have started exploring the internet stores, in Holland it is common to start work on the nursery when there is still three months pregnancy left so enough time to do that.
I am really in a blabbering mode these last couple of weeks but heck I'll enjoy my blabbering moments as much as I can! Good thoughts to all.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

just some blabbering

After we received our last scan, we felt secure enough to sign up with a day care. We found out they weren't taking any extra kiddos and there was also a waiting list.
So much to our surprise we received a letter that we are granted with two spots at the day care, starting august 2010. Beside the fact that the costs are incredible, we are happy with the flexibility they offer. We need at least two days a week, but due to A's work these days differ, of course this is a great reason for them to raise the bill. I actually think that starting a day care isn't a bad idea, I mean two kids two days a week day care will cost us about 1300 euros a month, there is a tax deduction but what a profitable business.
I do think I would go mental with 4 babies to take care of all by myself so probably not the best business adventure for me lol.