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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Large baby

We got new scans! And both our babes are doing fine! Better than fine actually. At the moment were at 24.5 wks, but both of them are ahead of their growth curve, here some details:


A twin, live intrauterine pregnancy with one foetus in cephalic presentation and one in left transverse presentation is noted. Foetal cardiac activity and limb movements are observed. FHR1: 135 B/M. FHR2: 140 B/M

Two placentae are seen. One is along the anterior wall and one along the posterior wall.

They show grade 2 maturity. There is no evidence of placenta previa.

Liquour is adequate. A membrane is seen separating the two foetuses.

The lower uterine segment is normal. There is no evidence of incompetent os.

The cervical length is 3.7 cm.

Various foetal parameters are as follow:



6.8 cm.

27.4 Weeks.


6.4 cm.

26.1 Weeks.

HC 1

24.8 cm.

27.0 Weeks.

HC 2

23.3 cm.

26.0 Weeks.

AC 1

22.9 cm.

27.2 Weeks.

AC 2

21.4 cm.

25.6 Weeks.

FL 1

4.9 cm.

26.3 Weeks.

FL 2

4.6 cm.

25.3 Weeks.


21 % NO IUGR.

EBW1: 1012 gm.


22 % NO IUGR.

EBW2: 850 gm.

Following foetal organs (both the foetuses) are well visualized and do not show any obvious abnormality.

* Spine * Brain *4C Heart *Kidneys * Stomach * Bladder *3 Vessel cord

* Eyes * Nose * Upper limbs * Lower limbs.


As it looks now we will be staying at the Vits, somewhere this week it should be confirmed. And furthermore everything is going according to plan. The last weeks of a turbulent year have started and we look forward to a new beginning. Everyone who has emailed us the last weeks to help us choose hotels, concierge & nurses tips and giving us a direct contact at the High Commission office; THANK YOU BIG TIME. It is great that there are experienced IP's who share their knowledge via their blogs and via direct email.

Next week we're of to the UK for some baby shopping with my parents, as we're planning to spend spend spend we're going by boat and car... my mum really hates it and my dad loves taking the boat. Christmas will be spend in Spain, the whole family will fly out which is great but we have mixed feelings. Since our due date is getting closer I feel a bit apprehensive of leaving home, I'd rather be very close to an airport where there is a direct flight connection to Mumbai... just anxiety lol. But it will be nice to get away for just a few days and as it will be our last Christmas without Hubba and Bubba it will be extra special... although the whole family is looking forward to next Christmas WITH Hubba and Bubba.

We still haven't found a changing table which we like... and we have looked and looked and looked. Too picky? Yes I think so, but it'll be our goal to get that last piece of furniture before the end of next week.

The visas are an ordeal on itself at the moment, the rules have changed and we can only get a visa for a maximum stay of three months now, so we have to go to Belgium or any other country to obtain a visa for at least 6 months. We want to have a visa for at least six months the reason for this is that if our babes are born early they probably have to be in hospital for a longer stay, the birth certificate can take up to 21 days I believe, then there is the needed exit visas which can take some time too. In all we want to be on the safe side time wise, our goal is of course to be back home as soon as possible.

Back to Large Baby, in the document sent to us it stated that both babes are ahead but one was called Large Baby! Knock on wood for uneventful pregnancies! Good thoughts for all of you out there.

Monday, 16 November 2009

no glamour

We... as in A is really busy lately because I had a little accident and am currently married with our sofa and my crutches.
All is going well with the babes and we are almost prepared for take off! Yes, suddenly it seems to go very quickly. The suitcase for the babes is getting full and our list of necessities is getting shorter:)
The nursery is not finished but will be in the next coming weeks hopefully so that leaves prep work for the paperwork which is extreme! I will post pics of the nursery... even though I am not sure why previous pics of the babes are now just a little question mark.
So I would like to call out to Susan: could you email us directly? We would like to ask you some questions but I am not able to find your address!

We have also asked several (apartment) hotels for quotes but just one has responded so far; really the most expensive one too.
Then there is the concierge we need, I found a website called concierge4india.com, but haven't heard of anyone using that specific site. If you're already back and had an amazing concierge do not hesitate to email us! We understand that they can make a difference in staying 1.5 month or 3 months.
Both granny's will probably join us after a few weeks in India 'cause obviously waiting to meet their grandchildren is not in their book lol. And when we think of flying back with our babes, we can imagine that every helping hand is welcome:)

Our list of names isn't set yet. We seem to be able to add names, but hardly any name sticks or we simply change our mind. I mean, hip? ancient? roman? latin? etc.. Difficult decision.

And to finish my post; I fell of a step at the petrol station... no, no glamour at all!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Real babes


Some more scans, they are really looking more and more like proper babes. From today on we are only 14 weeks away before getting on a plane to India!
The cribs are in the nursery and it looks great, we are slowly changing our house into a child friendly-zone. The next coming months are going to be busy! Thank god they can't walk immediately 'cause then we would be in trouble from the start lol.
We're also discussing names... over and over again, we're okay for one boy and one girl at the moment but we really do need an extra set of names we both agree on.
After all the scans we received lately I think we're going to have two boys, A doesn't want to gamble so he doesn't join me in guessing-gender-games.... fortunately loads of friends and my mum like to guess too! Of course it doesn't matter what gender they are, but as I mentioned in earlier posts; I'm a curious bloke.
I got my list for 'things to take with us', it's a long list. I also explored different hotel-appartments but haven't decided yet, today I also looked into short-lease furnished apartments in the Powai area, didn't find many furnished apartments but the ones I did find were considerable cheaper and bigger compared to the apartment hotels. But the thing is, it also means we would have to cook:( everyday, and the amenities of the hotels with all their service would be very much missed!
Hotel apartments seem to be more expensive now compared to when we were there earlier this year so in the end it will be a budget thing.
Anyways, we still have some time to decide and the most important thing is that our babes are doing fine!

Thumbs up for uneventful pregnancies