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Monday, 6 July 2009


We just received an email which states that our surrogate is tested pregnant!!!! I think we are still in shock now.
We just phoned our parents who are as ecstatic as we are and also a little bit in shock, all of us tried constantly to temper our hope, and I think that tonight we will try to temper our feeling again to prepare us for the next 10 weeks! For now, we are as happy as one can be!
We're both in shock as especially the last week we were more and more expecting it not to be successful the first try! Of course we still have to wait if everything stays okay for the next 10 weeks and then the rest of the pregnancy of course!!
Now of to work and fingers crossed again!


Amani said...

Oh, such wonderful news! Just enjoy guys. Enjoy being happy and excited and in love. This is a beautiful time for you both.

The chances of anything going wrong are so ridiculously slim.

Wishing you the most peaceful and happy pregnancy.

So happy to hear this news!!!!

Kerrie and Mark said...

Congratulations!!! Amazing news. now breathe...its a long haul ahead.

crystal said...

Congrats guys! Parenthood is a wonderful thing

Todd said...

Congtratulations!!! You're over that big first hurdle, each one after this gets a little easier as the possibilities of success keep going up!

Terry in LA said...

FANTASTIC!!! So, so happy for you both.

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

WOW, we couldn't be happier for you both. We will be following along with every step over the next 7 months. Trust me, it goes much faster then you can imagine. All the very, very best to you both.

Much Congratulations!!!!

Niels and Alexander said...

Thanks all! We are absolutely on top of the moon! The Beta# seem to double just fine... still we keep everything crossed until these nine months have passed.
Later on we will post a pic with our huge grin on our faces:)))

Joy and Kelly said...

Such great news!!!! I am so happy for you both!!!!

jojo said...

woo hoo!!!! well done boys, this is great news.

Niels, I love that you're from holland. It's one of my favourite places. My husband lived there for a year after he finished school, and we've gone back to visit a few times since then. All the way from Australia. It's such a beautiful country, with amazingly friendly (and good looking!) people.

Joehoe indeed!