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Sunday, 1 February 2009

A big question mark

I had a very long story in 'drafts'... just waiting to be published for two weeks now, but I just did not get round to finish it!
So I deleted it.
At the moment we are working 24/7, we are both tired since we had just one night of in 7 weeks now! But we're keeping the credit crunch in mind so every Euro we can make, we have to make it now :)
A gave me the night off, so here I am finally posting at least some text.
On the surrogate part: we are all set to go. Our solicitor explained what route to take, the swimmers are excellent... so... well, uhm, exciting! We still have to get on the right terms regarding the contract but that will be okay.
And hopefully we will still be able to go to India in April! Yes, that is a lot of time pressure to arrange the last few bits in just a week maximum, but heck, so far we're doin' alright. 
Till the end of March we have to work 24/7, but I will post our confirmed departure dates.
I just read some updates of people who are already expecting; wow! 
Mmm, normally the title is in line with my posting, but all our questions are answered...

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Mike and Mike said...

April? You realize Mike and I will be in Mumbai in April to pick up our babies right?

Shoot me an e-mail so we can see if our paths cross.

Mike A.