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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

just to let you know; we have an agreement

This journey we are enjoying for quite some time now, is at times strange.
We had a few last bits and pieces to agree on and we have! Today we officially agreed on the whole thing and it feels wonderful. The clinic responded really really fast, so know we are set to go... can't wait.
As stated in earlier post, we are really busy at the moment, but we had to finish the discussion on this last part, so we took the last two nights off to wrap things up, and it feels like a holiday!, but we managed to come to an agreement. Starting tomorrow we're working 24/7 again so it will take a while for us to publish soon, but I'll definitely read your posts.
If you're in Mumbai around April/May, do email us! We haven't decided yet if we both go to Mumbai or that A travels alone this time, we'll see. 
Positive thoughts for everyone!

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Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Congratulations on this next step! Very happy for you both.