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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Viva Espana

Since the beginning of April we are in Spain now...which is GREAT! I was desperate for some sun, warmth and other things to deal with opposed to work. 
Right now we are staying with Alexanders mum at the coast near Malaga and we have been going back and forth to our place which is near her.
This trip is really special, next week we will be in India and we are preparing for that trip big time. 
A's mum has expressed her hope and wishes for us as well... one of them is also a marriage:) well lets say that I am sure that one day one of us will ask the 'better half', haha, I keep feeling some missed heart beats. But most important of all, she is over the moon with our attempt of becoming parents. We already knew that, but now it's like she really would like to talk about it a lot. Where as I am hesitant of talking all the time about it, even if I could do just that at the moment, but it is still unsure if things will happen for us too! Being here in Spain gives A and me a lot of time talking about it when we're with just the two of us. And we both feel very excited!!! If you click on the links above you can read about other bloggers stories and their long and windy roads as well. We THANK all other bloggers with the ever detailed stories!
Our first appointment with the doctor is set and in total there will be three appointments, so after reading and reading (mostly A:) about Mumbai, we have decided what we will do in the meantime.
We booked a hotel which is pretty close to the clinic so that should be fine too. So all set to go and for the first time, I can't wait to leave Spain. Viva India!

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Kerrie and Mark said...

Very exciting. What travellers you are! Safe travels to India and do keep us posted.