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Monday, 30 March 2009

dark eyes

We will go to Mumbai 22nd of April, that's a definite now.
However, first we will go to Spain, we're leaving this Friday night, and sadly (not really) we are flying! We really want to have maximum time in Spain and if we were to drive over there, it would consume to much time, so now we will fly from Malaga to Paris the 22nd and then off to Mumbai! Just can't wait.
We haven't heard if the clinic already has found a surrogate yet, and actually I am still a bit apprehensive to call. I know we have to be patience and at times and I can be 'pushy'. I will wait till wednesday and then I allow myself to call.
Last Friday we got our tourist visas for India, mine was ready in a day but since A is british, it took a week to get the visa, we both could only get a visa for one year maximum, afterwards we have to renew our visas. Americans can have visas for India up to five years(!): how unfair!

Anyways, I for one haven't got any news at the moment, just that we are very anxious to go to Mumbai India, for me it will be a first and I am curious to experience what the country is like.
Last Saturday we went out for dinner to an Indian restaurant; since A and I REALLY love food, we enjoyed it very much, can't wait for all the great food we'll eat there! After that we went to a show of Pam-Ann. It's an Australian woman about airline staff. If you do not like to fly, do not google it! It is meant for a hilarious no brain moment. Of course we went to a club afterwards and we had to recover most of our Sunday, can't believe I have managed to get through today.

I also like to share some personal thoughts, cause I wonder if other people have experienced the same.
Everytime I see an Indian person, I think that our baby could look like that too. Perhaps a little lighter, but then again, A is half british and half indonesian, so it really will be a surprise for us. I know I should not whish for anything but good health, but I do hope that our baby will have dark eyes, cause I have dark eyes as well. My biggest contribution to this journey is hope, good thoughts for the ED, good thoughts for our to be GS and my love for Alex.
We are really in this journey together. And then all of a sudden, I am thinking of the colour of eyes and I find myself hoping for good health and dark eyes...

Good thoughts for the Mikes! and everyone else who is expecting or 'en route'!

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Kerrie and Mark said...

Not much longer to go! I ma very excited for you. And to see Spaind as well..very jealous! The waiting for news is a killer. We just trust the doctors are in control and all is ok..as it always seems to be.