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Monday, 16 November 2009

no glamour

We... as in A is really busy lately because I had a little accident and am currently married with our sofa and my crutches.
All is going well with the babes and we are almost prepared for take off! Yes, suddenly it seems to go very quickly. The suitcase for the babes is getting full and our list of necessities is getting shorter:)
The nursery is not finished but will be in the next coming weeks hopefully so that leaves prep work for the paperwork which is extreme! I will post pics of the nursery... even though I am not sure why previous pics of the babes are now just a little question mark.
So I would like to call out to Susan: could you email us directly? We would like to ask you some questions but I am not able to find your address!

We have also asked several (apartment) hotels for quotes but just one has responded so far; really the most expensive one too.
Then there is the concierge we need, I found a website called concierge4india.com, but haven't heard of anyone using that specific site. If you're already back and had an amazing concierge do not hesitate to email us! We understand that they can make a difference in staying 1.5 month or 3 months.
Both granny's will probably join us after a few weeks in India 'cause obviously waiting to meet their grandchildren is not in their book lol. And when we think of flying back with our babes, we can imagine that every helping hand is welcome:)

Our list of names isn't set yet. We seem to be able to add names, but hardly any name sticks or we simply change our mind. I mean, hip? ancient? roman? latin? etc.. Difficult decision.

And to finish my post; I fell of a step at the petrol station... no, no glamour at all!


Tigerlilycat said...

So when are you planning on departing for India? Surro babies all seem to come very early, and that's even for singles! Our boys delivered at 34 weeks which seems to be about right for twins over there...

And have fun with the name game.

Tigerlilycat said...

ps - try The Residence as an apartment. It's one bedroom but has a huge lounge area. Mike and Mike stayed there as it's really close to Hiranandani Hospital. We stayed at the Ramada Powai, which is on the same grounds (owned by the same people) in a large hotel room. The Ramada is only a year old where The Residence is a bit tired, but is in the process of being renovated.

Stephaniekb said...

Definitely contact www.yourmaninindia.com to assist you with the birth paperwork (birth certificate and FRRO). They can't help with your embassy, however; you're on your own for that. Amit at Explore India (mumbai@exploreindya.net) can help you book a hotel suite. You definitely will want two rooms so that one of you can sleep while the other takes care of babies.
Can't wait to see photos!

Niels and Alexander said...

Great advice and tips & tricks! Thank you.
Tonight we actually settled on 6 sets of names LOL... just wonder how long these names stay.

Todd said...

Big OUCH on the fall! I hope you're mostly recovered by the time you need to be in India!

We still need to finalize our hotel or apartment arrangements too. I've made contact with Amit (he helped us with our plans for last June, worked out really well for us).

Names names names.... we need to get busy on that too!

Still a good chance we could all be in India at the same time... our 36 week due date would be end of January but I agree 34 weeks for twins is more realistic. We'll definitely be ready earlier than that, hopefully those preparations won't be necessary for any of us!