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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Real babes


Some more scans, they are really looking more and more like proper babes. From today on we are only 14 weeks away before getting on a plane to India!
The cribs are in the nursery and it looks great, we are slowly changing our house into a child friendly-zone. The next coming months are going to be busy! Thank god they can't walk immediately 'cause then we would be in trouble from the start lol.
We're also discussing names... over and over again, we're okay for one boy and one girl at the moment but we really do need an extra set of names we both agree on.
After all the scans we received lately I think we're going to have two boys, A doesn't want to gamble so he doesn't join me in guessing-gender-games.... fortunately loads of friends and my mum like to guess too! Of course it doesn't matter what gender they are, but as I mentioned in earlier posts; I'm a curious bloke.
I got my list for 'things to take with us', it's a long list. I also explored different hotel-appartments but haven't decided yet, today I also looked into short-lease furnished apartments in the Powai area, didn't find many furnished apartments but the ones I did find were considerable cheaper and bigger compared to the apartment hotels. But the thing is, it also means we would have to cook:( everyday, and the amenities of the hotels with all their service would be very much missed!
Hotel apartments seem to be more expensive now compared to when we were there earlier this year so in the end it will be a budget thing.
Anyways, we still have some time to decide and the most important thing is that our babes are doing fine!

Thumbs up for uneventful pregnancies


Molly said...

The pictures are not showing up for me :( yay for two boys !! (if you're right lol) Are you ready to share the names you chose so far or is it going to be a surprise?
Btw, i meant to comment on your last post, about the meds, I don't think you need any, if the babies do anything, the dr will prescribe it there (maybe the only thing Id take would be infant Tylenol, that can always come handy)

Jon said...

Veel geluk guys! We are waiting with baited breath for the good news.