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Friday, 19 February 2010


We have them!!
I haven't posted much lately, one because two babies means you're really really busy, 2ndly A has been running around Mumbai on a daily basis the last couple of weeks to get the passports.
There has happened a lot, which I will elaborate on in a later post.
But this is just one short post with a very happy message: we are almost on our way home!

Emily and James are doing so extremely well, we could not have asked for easier babies!
James does have some colic issues at the moment (he told me for hours last night:), but fortunately I bought something for that before we came here, so he's fine again... now I just need some sleep.
A is to the HCO to make the payment for the passports and we can collect them in a few days, than a visit to the ever so exciting FRRO and we are out of here!
So rather than applying for asylum here, we're excited that this whole paperwork thing is almost finished.
Besos to all and all the best thoughts for everyone who is expecting or to-be expecting soon! It is the best change in life ever.


Kerrie and Mark said...

Very exciting!! Won't be too long before your home and starting your new life. congrats! Remember...PICS are always appreciated by us observers.

Todd said...

YES! I am SO happy for all of you that the end of this stage of your journey is now in sight!

Don't worry about the FRRO. Just make sure you have the "help" needed and I'm sure it will go like a breeze for you as it did for us.

Can't way to see that update that you're at HOME!!!

Jon said...

Good luck with your babies and hope you get home soon.

Anonymous said...

留言支持好作品~加油!期待進步和更新 ....................................................

Samira and Guy said...

Hi there, many congratulations, they are gorgeous!!!!!!!!

My husband and I (he is ook from Nederlands!!!) is looking into surrogacy with SI. I just wanted to ask you if the twins passports are Dutch or British?

I hold an Irish passport through my mother but would prefer the baby/ babies to have Dutch ones!

Thanks - could use the advice!