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Thursday, 4 February 2010

pics and short update

Hi all! We're absolutely nackered and happy, still in hospital and both babes are doing fine. I made a mistake in my previous post I believe (I am in twilight zone due to lack of sleep:)
James was a staggering 6.4 pounds and Emily a solid 4.2 pounds!
Because James is so big, Emily seems so so small, but there are plenty of examples here of children who are tinier than our troopers!
Internet is rubbish here (at least in our room), so this is just a short one, but I really want to show of our beautiful babes! Once we're in the hotel we'll post loads and loads more!


Mary said...

I am looking forward to see the pictures :-) So happy for you both that everything is as it is supposed to be.

Jon said...

Good to hear - FINALLY - that you're all doing well.
Best to all of you!

Amani said...

I'm hanging out for photos!!!

Enjoy yourselves.

Johnny and Darren said...

Great news and can't wait for the photos!!!

Doug R said...

good to hear things are going well...waiting for photos...congratulations!

Rebecca said...

OMG, I don't get on for a week and look at what I missed! Hard to believe that the time has passed so quickly....congrats! Can't wait to see pics.

jojo said...

wonderful, wonderful...just wonderful!

picture please!


Stephaniekb said...

Hope you can leave Hiranandani Prison soon and settle in to your hotel room soon. Can't wait to see pictures!