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Monday, 5 April 2010

Happy Easter all

Well it certainly has been a while since my last post!
And I have to be honest here, I did have time (once a week or so) to post.. but... when you have a moment to yourself... just enjoy doing NOTHING! LOL. Everything is going great with James and Emily, it seems as if they grow every single day, all the changes are happening so fast that for us as parents it is hard to keep up with them, at times I do wish that they would stay small just a little longer!
James is now 4.9 kilos and Emily a solid 3.9 kilos, she still looks so delicate but that is also because we compare her with James' size.
Since last Saturday they actually give us smiles! And I do understand now how these small things just light up your day .. when you feel tired; no sleep, dirty; no time to shower yourself until A is home too.
We've been adjusting to a normal life since we got back and it took some time for us. The nights have been horrible for a few weeks and, knock on wood, since last week the nights are definitely getting better! Now there is only one interruption at 3am and that is really good, at least thats what we think.
Recently we have noticed that other new parents like to talk about their 'perfect' babies and I just got fed up with it. It started to seem as if James and Emily where the only babies who needed night feedings and everyone else's baby would sleep through the night at just 2 weeks old. Well bugger that! I am sure there are plenty of babies who actually do that, but stop bragging about it! Especially when I talk about it with my swollen, red eyes and in desperate need of sleep!
Besides the sleep deprivation, where no one can prepare for in my opinion, life is excellent for us.
I had to start work a week after we got back and I still think it's a waist of time:), and A is full-time at home still. He is doing an excellent job here and we both dread the moment he has to start work again. The babes go out on a daily basis in their pram and they both love it.
This weekend we went on a mini break with my parents to the South of Holland, and James and Emily both got the special grandparents attention which they deserve... and we got some time for ourselves which was great too!
On Saturday night we went to a lovely pub in Belgium and we just enjoyed an evening of la la la.
Last week we decided to make the last big change for a while; we're getting a bigger car:(
We live in the center of The Hague and we thought we could get by by using public transport and just walking. However, we have learned that with two babies there is no way in hell to go somewhere by train. For one, the pram doesn't go into all trams or trains because of the bars in the middle (I am sure elderly are very very happy with these bars but for us, well they just don't work) and also because when you go somewhere, you're almost inclined to hire a move company to take all the things with you! In any case, it means my beamer sports car has to go. No more rooftop down and pretending to be 24 again; a big car with baby seats. Well, at least it has private glass haha.
I have so much to write, but have to attend to the babes now. I do solemnly pledge to write more regularly. Hope all is well with all of you out there and the most important thing I could say now is that the journey to get here is sooooooooo much worth it!
Good thoughts to all!


Amani said...

Happy Easter - need pics!!! (When you get a chance : ))

Will and Michael said...

Glad to hear you are ok!!! But with Amani we need pics!!!!

Tigerlilycat said...

Great update guys and very happy to share that Alex and Taj have not been able to go without night feeds until now - and they're 7 months old! They fall asleep after their bath at about 6:30pm, wake up and have another play until around 8pm, another bottle and off to bed. Nik then gets them up (while they're still asleep) for a night feed around 11pm and was again around 2am until just a few weeks ago. He's worked out it's better to get them up and feed them before they wake up or otherwise he might have them up for a few hours just when he doesn't want them. If you're already only doing one night feed you are doing BRILLIANTLY so ignore everyone else. Best thing I've learnt is only to compare with other people who have twins as it is just not the same with only one. The other thing to remember is that your two will be ahead of these other babies in other ways, such as taking solids or starting to crawl - so victory will be yours.

And yes, we want photos...


jojo said...

Oh please post some pics of your beautiful babes!

Glad you're happy and everything's good.


Mike and Mike said...

Actually, one night feeding at 2 months is doing really well! I know some parents that had to do 2 feedings a night.

We did "couch duty" for about two months before we were finally able to get them in their cribs and they slept the night. Once that happened, we were ecstatic. Keep in mind, 2 months for Eva was 3 for Rose but since I was in India for a month with Rose, I had the luxury of Ramani the night nurse. That being said, been there, done that, don't wanna do it again! We were one of the lucky ones.

Don't worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You will be able to sleep for 8 hours again...but don't get used to it cause then there's teething. Then the occasional baby nightmare, then when their sick, then when they just decide on a whim to mess with your head...getting the picture?

Mike and Mike

Anonymous said...

I do like ur article~!!! ........................................

2 AFRO DADS said...

Figured you guys were glued to your new parenting duties as your blogging had stopped!

Nice to see hear all is going well with the little ones.

Like you we will be parents of twins, so your blogg is definitely one aspect of our learning curve.

Continued BEST WISHES!

Stephaniekb said...

So glad to see your update, and like everyone else, looking forward to your picturs. I know what you mean about the "bragging" that goes on in blogs and how frustrating it can be when your baby isn't doing the same things. I know I've done my own share, but mostly because I don't want to appear ungrateful or undeserving of my child by complaining.

Sounds like you and the babies are doing great!

Doug R said...

So glad to see you guys back. Many more important things to do, we know...keep posting and we'd love to see photos. Take care. D and B

Todd said...
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Todd said...

Don't worry, no babies are "perfect". While we are all inclined to trumpet a particular achievement or milestone with our own babies, there are many other "non-perfect" things always going on too.

For example -- while our twins are no longer feeding in the middle of the night, that hardly means they're also sleeping through the night every night. Last night was one of those nights where we got hardly any sleep until 4 AM (this and other similar reasons it took me 6 days to finally comment here on your posting!)

You are both incredibly wonderful fathers, and have much to be proud of with how far you've come. At some time these difficult periods will be just a memory! And as you say: it is ALL "sooooooooo much worth it!"

(Deleted my original comment so I could correct a typo. error)