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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Almost Christmas

It has been over a week since my last post and this is due to laziness... at work I've been very busy, mostly because its the end of the year.
On the surrogate part it has been quite busy as well; a lot of talking with each other and trying to find the right people to organize things back in the UK. For the legal part everything is in order now, so now we are making an appointment in a clinic in London for the last tests! So finally we are getting somewhere again. A has been fantastic this last week, he has been busy as well with work and things, but he still found the time to organize so much on the surrogate part. 
From, I won't say his/her name, we received a copy of their contract, details are so important! And legal advice is ridiculous expensive and at the same time it is so important, we're very glad that we don't have to ask our lawyer every single question, because even if a lawyer just thinks of you the bill is getting higher and higher.
Rotunda has emailed us a bunch of documents, my library is getting bigger and bigger LOL. There are just a few minor details which we have to agree on with the clinic, and it is more up to them to agree, otherwise we will choose a different clinic. So far in any case, I feel confident about Rotunda. They have been responding to our emails very very fast, and all answers we asked are answered. We are both so very much excited! This means we could be, in the most perfect world of course, parents in 2010... it gives us enough time to get ready at least haha. 
The blogs I read from people who are much further in the process are amazing. The strength these people have to continue their journey is truly remarkable. I for one can be dramatic at times... not that my friends would agree. For everyone on this journey there is something similar and something totally different what makes one believe in this journey. 
As I said in earlier posts, we are very busy at the moment, however, it seems that I'll be spending Christmas in Mexico together with Alexander! But I won't be sure till next week, it all depends on our assignment; fingers crossed.

We wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Best of luck to you both!