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Monday, 29 December 2008

It has been a good year

As I sit in our living room, heavily jet lagged, I am thinking over everything that has happened in 2008. It was a year with ups and a lot of downers actually... but in the end, I have to admit that we both think of 2008 as a good year. 
When 2008 started, we were both happy to start a new year, we were anticipating on moving into our new house, just across the street, traveling and most of all leaving 2007 behind us. 
In retrospect 2007 wasn't as bad as we thought at the time, 2008 was a lot worse! But still, it was a good year.
In 2008 we were able to create a safe haven for some of our loved ones who where in need of a place to stay for a little while, at work we both have been doing the best we can and we travelled a lot.
What makes me think that 2008 is a lot worse then 2007? Mmm, a burglary... even though we were mugged in 2007 as well, a friend whom we can not help which isn't any different from 2007, work with a lot more stress or is it something I just imagine.. 
And then I realize, I am a very optimistic and curious person; I always look forward to a new year!

I managed to tag along with Alexander to Mexico City, that's why I am jet lagged at the moment, and we had a great time! I always thought that Mexico City is so polluted one could not walk around without a mouth cap. But that wasn't the case due to the fortunate fact that Mexico is a very big Catholic country, nobody drives during Christmas and a lot of stores, bars and restaurants close during this festive period. It seems I am good at choosing times to travel whilst the whole country is celebrating a religious feast: I was in Israel during Yom Kipur, that says enough I think. So back to Mexico City with its 23 million (!) inhabitants! That city has more people than the Netherlands which is a country, a small one, but it is a country! We arrived on Christmas night and had a lovely dinner, just the two of us, the restaurant was almost empty, with not to much class and a live traditional mexican band. The singer was from Greece. And we had a wonderful night, some nights can be magical I guess, this one wasn't. It was a hilarious night.
The next day we went on a tour to the pyramids with some of Alexanders' colleagues, we climbed the whole thing and after 247 high steps we were on top of the pyramids and at that time our guide told us that it is a solid pyramid... that's correct, it is a fake pyramid! I would pay money for a picture with Alexanders face captured! 
Still, we had a very pleasant day visiting a lot of sights, the next day, boxing day or in dutch Tweede Kerstdag,  life started again in Mexico City, and I really liked the parts where we went, but we did not go to the poor areas. And there are a lot more poor areas than rich areas in Mexico City, they just aren't safe enough.
More on a personal note, we went to a big Catholic church, it almost looks like a religious theme park so big, the pope was there, I know 'cause he forgot his car there. And I saw how many people, mostly poor, where reaching out to god via praying. I admire people who are able to put their faith in someone or something you just cannot be certain about. But at the same time, I did think of something the pope has said a week earlier, about same sex couples. And I also thought of the movie Harvey Milk (an american cult movie about civil rights for ss couples in the USA). And I know one should not talk about politics, religion or money on a blog. But it was hurtful for us and many others and my wish for the pope and his advisors in Rome is that they respect others as much as they like to be respected.  

Of course we talked about the profiles we have received, but haven't made a choice yet. We're aiming to go to Mumbai in April, so we do have to make some last decisions soon. And this is why it has been a good year; we are getting closer to be complete!
Due to my jet lag,  I am of to bed now, if this post does not make any sense, I will remove it tomorrow:)

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Mike and Mike said...

Rambling is good. That's what blogs are for. Blogs are also for talking about anything you bloody well please. Remember, it's YOUR blog.

Now if you thought the poverty in Mexico was bad...prepare yourself, Mumbai is 20 time worse. And in Mumbai, you cannot escape it. That aside, here's looking to a fresh star in 2009!

Mike and Mike