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Thursday, 5 March 2009

will we make April?

The last two weeks were hectic and in many ways it still is. 
We received profiles, made a choice but haven't heard since... this morning we phoned the clinic and talked to the doctor and she promised to respond today; I just came back from work but still no email which means we will call again tomorrow morning.
I joined A to the hospital earlier this week, the doctor advised to do a second test on his swimmers, if the results are as good as the first one, we can be more sure (?) I guess he just wants to earn an extra buck:).
A told me that his "deliver" room wasn't very romantic and it sure as hell wasn't! In the main lobby was a door to a little room.. the lobby was crowded of course, so now I knew what A meant when he went the first time haha. It is just awkward  to do your thing when people are literally just a thin wall and a meter away.. In any case, I am sure the results will be fine again.
At the gynecology desk we were the only ss couple, however, we did get the magazine "awaiting your first baby"! Some pictures should have been made!!!
Last Friday we met up with another ss couple, they are preparing for their second child, for us it is special to talk with them, 'cause they already faced a lot of things which we will face in the future. 
Anyways..... I hope so much (an I probably press so much) we can go to Mumbai in April!!!!

Ps. I love to read all your stories!!

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Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Keep the faith you will be in India before you know it!