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Monday, 11 May 2009

a bit quiet

We're home! For two weeks exactly. We had a great time in Mumbai and met some great people who were at the last stage of surrogacy; getting home their babies! Pff, wish we would be at that stage already and at the same time we're both glad we still have plenty of time to learn everything about nursing a baby haha. 

I understand that the choice of my words about our ED lead to some misconception... she was not missing as in she is gone, but the clinic could not get hold of her anymore. This was due to the fact that at the moment it is summer time in India and most people tend to spent all their time with their family. After a few days they told us they found her, but she has been ill, so we would have to wait a few months before she could do a cycle. A few more days later she wasn't available at all anymore for a long long time. Well, a lot of confusion of course and I guess we will never know exactly how or what, but we did choose another ED. As things are looking at the moment they will do a first try next month or so.....
I can only say this adds to the uncertain feelings we do have at times during this process but at the same time, we're not surprised at all by this. 
Of course we will push to get 'exact' dates. As soon as we know I'll post again, but keep in mind, one has to be a bit flexible here. The doctors will do anything in their power to get the best results for you and you just have to have trust in them.

Being home after a month and back at work is... well, I really have to get used to a routine again. And I am not there yet haha. That's the same with my blog rhythm and that's what I mean with a bit quiet. Good thoughts to all new parents and everyone who is doing absolute everything to get there!

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Kerrie and Mark said...

So sorry to hear about this. Its so disappointing. I guess things always work out but getting there is a roller coaster ride. Thanks for the update.