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Friday, 29 May 2009

great party

Last week we've been busy with other things in our lives, we celebrated the fact that once again I am a whole year older which of course was great fun... ha ha. I like to celebrate just about everything, except the fact that losing my young looks is not something to celebrate:) Usually around this time of year I always get remarks as; "I guess you're around 40", well if I would be 40 I would not have a problem with it, however, I am 40 MINUS 7! I mean, 7 years is a whole lifetime isn't it? 
After quitting smoking and gaining 50 pnds my face is my last vanity. After getting this off my chest; surrogacy!
The stress is mounting at the moment, our doctor went on a, probably, well deserved holiday. We however were still expecting profiles of surrogates! 
Since we haven't done a cycle at all yet, we thought that we would receive profiles at least three months in advance, we choose, the doc synchronizes the menses of ED and GS, ER and cycle away!
However, we received a profile two weeks ago, and keeping in mind tips & tricks from other IP's we didn't like the profile (age, weight), then we found out that our doctor was having a holiday. Okay, then I started to worry, I mean, we know the chances aren't very good the first run but we are willing to do everything in our power to create the most ideal circumstances. 
Our doc is back again and she understood, emailed us a new profile which was exactly on the dot! So this went actually fairly smooth, but the thing is, the EggRetrieval is soon to be, in no way there are three months to pass by before the transfer takes place, and I do not understand how they will manage to sync the menses in just such a short period? 
We've emailed that its fine with us to wait another or a second month but are awaiting an answer. I, we just have to be patient and have faith....boehoe!
Anyways, my b-day party was excellent and coming Monday is a bank holiday here in Holland so we're having a great long long weekend ahead :)
Good thoughts to all


Kerrie and Mark said...

Happy B-day!!!
Meses syncing is amzaing..somehow it works with all these drugs. Usually from what I understand the docs need around 4 weeks of meds and everyone is good to go. So depending on the cycles of all the girls it could be 6 to 8 weeks to get everyone sorted. It so hard as we don't really understand and getting answers is not easy, yet somehow it al works out.

All the best, enjoy your long weekend!!

Niels and Alexander said...

Just received an email from docs again, they said that they are 'in sync' already... I guess I am going to ring them tomorrow again:) Thanks so much, cause some of these things (like menses) are just unreal for us men :)
Enjoy your weekend too

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Sress, stress, stress with all this surrogacy, IVF stuff it stinks! But in the end when you have your little one it will all seem like nothing.

Keep the faith all will work out.

Mike and Mike said...

Not to worry, they do know what they are doing. Once they do it, then you can freak out as that's when it's out of everybody's hands.

Just keep in mind that all this stress is water under the bridge once you have baby in arms. Mike and I look back at the adventure that was, and it seems all so far away.

So when's the wedding? Or did I just send you more stress? lol.

Mike A.