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Saturday, 16 May 2009


And once again we're a bit further in the whole process.. we have an estimated date for the transfer. Earlier I thought I would post these dates but now I feel like I jinks the whole thing by doing so! So I won't post the exact dates, but after it has been done, I will post this. I can tell you we have to wait for still quit some time but for us it is amazing to know when the first try is going to be!! And I am scared sh*tless. I tell you why, we are a samesex couple and we both knew early on in our lives that having a family was not likely to happen for the obvious reasons. Since a few years we know that there are possibilities to take a different route but at first we did not think we would be so lucky. Now we are getting a chance. Just getting this chance is making us happy, but the scary part is the disappointment we might face. I have read about all the figures of getting a positive result and it still is more likely to get a negative result... but still, my hopes are up so high and I try to temper myself, but at the moment I can not help to live in 'la la land'. 
Last weekend a very close friend of mine had his birthday and he lives with wife and kid in the ultimate suburban area I know of (desperate housewives doesn't even get close:). And after a glass of wine I told the whole lot of neighbors there about our journey and at the end of the evening I even talked about possible names for our unborn child. I really try to temper my enthusiasm but really, it is the only topic I am interested in at the moment. 
For now anyways, A and I have created our own little shell of hope, and until other further notice we keep on hoping for a good result when its our time!

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Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Keep the faith guys. BE happy and enjoy...it WILL happen.