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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

it's not always about us

The last week a lot has happened in surrogacy land, just read the unfortunate stories and you know what I mean.
nnign is a title I won't be using again, because sadly its not true so I changed it.
Communication and the need for it is a personal thing as well as a customer service issue.
In this journey are many many things and moments unknown to us, but in all situations it is important that if you like or need more information, you should get it no matter what. Even when it is just for your own sanity.
The fact that one of our fellow IP's received horrific news via an email(!) makes me feel sick!

Next week we will receive our next scan supposedly, I just dread the moment.
I need to remind myself that there are also positive stories (positive pregnancy tests and baby pick up). So that's what I'll keep on trying to do; focus on our situation and positive stories (with reality in mind).

Last Saturday we went to Hamburg Germany to visit friends, we went by car this time, mostly because Germany still has the world known Autobahn were you can drive as fast as you like without getting a speeding ticket. We both had our biggest sunglasses strapped on our face crossed the border and ready to rock... unfortunately for a very big part of the route they had road work... 60 km which is about 40 mph for a very very very long part of the trip! Instead of impersonating Speedy Gonzalez we looked like sunburned Ninja Hero Turtles upon arrival.
Anyways... Hamburg is a great city to visit and we had a great time, Saturday evening we went to a modern version of a BierGarten in a city park and it was great! I still can not believe the amount of beer people can drink! actually I must admit I can not remember it either lol.
The location of the BierGarten was excellent, on a lake in a city park, a DJ playing better and better towards the end of the evening and many people just chilling with their friends.
During the day we walked and walked and walked meanwhile updating our friends of all the things happening in our life, originally she is A's friend, but I've known her for some time and sometimes you just know if someone is a good person and she and her brother are very good people. Germany rocks!

At work things are hectic, I had some sort of a promotion but I just can not seem to find enough time to do it all.
A lot of people are pulling on my sleeve but it is logical, the economy is not at its best so people feel more insecure, at the same time I am always in a 'fighting position' which means that I always try to look for the upside of things. My glass is never half empty.
In all, things are in all places hectic at the moment and I do use all opportunities to distract myself from the most 'hectic to be part of our life'... work is a very good one!
This weekend my mum invited us for a weekend in Lochem... its a very small place in the east of Holland, nothing to do except long walks and visiting the Kroller Moller museum (a must if you're in Holland and you have enough time of course).
A friend of us has a part in a musical production and coincidentally playing in that area and invited the four of us to the show, my mum is looking more forward to meeting the star of the show afterwards cause she saw him being elected on tele.
The weekend after is A's birthday and since both our families are in Spain then, we've decided to fly out for the weekend as well. That weekend is also special for us since we will have passed the first trimester big time by then and we both hope that I won't have any morning sickness by then anymore. this is a joke.
We both feel excited to be with both families as everybody is so encouraging, supportive and hopeful along with us!
A and I are aware that the amount of traveling we are currently experiencing will be a whole lot less and different next year round and most people will be traveling to Holland to visit us which is great too.
It is really difficult for us to predict what will or will not be possible. We have friends who have three young daughters and they travel at least twice a month to their family home in france, just throw everything in the car and hit the road, other friends of us with one child are always planning well in advance before going anywhere! And sometimes they are a bit frantic about spontaneous decisions. We can relate to both but I guess it all depends on the needs of our kiddos. We have many things to learn and we are looking forward to it!
Okay, another post of blabbering, parts serious and parts about our life and parts not mentioned which are the wonderful conversations between A and I, conversations with friends about how our life is going to change, our hope, dreams and also their joy, hope, dreams and some times misery in their life. It's good to remember that it's not always about us, except for this blog:)

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Mike and Mike said...


It is now 5:44AM. I have been up since 4:00AM because Rose woke up and would not go back to sleep. Mike B. woke up at 5:00AM to transfer Eva to the bed so he could get a few more minutes of sleep until I have rouse him again at 7AM to feed the girls.

This is life with babies...and 4 and a half month babies to boot. Enjoy your travel, enjoy your sleep, start researching nannies!

To say your life is going to change is the understatement of the year.

Mike A.