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Sunday, 9 August 2009

we'll see

This week we contacted the clinic to get all our questions answered.
And things are fine at the moment, which is a relieve but we still have to get through the first trimester.
Also some doctors around the world(!) have responded to my questions.. I know, it's sick, at least their response is exactly similar with our docs in India based on the information given.
So finally some sanity is kickin' in and I am really doing my utmost best to let go, go with the flow, don't worry & be happy. Its probably a good lesson for me to learn early on that me being in control is not going to happen with regards to our kiddos. A is a lot more relaxed and easy going and I just wish I could say that reflects on me with a snap of my fingers. It just doesn't, we do have talks about our different approach to this and it comforts me a lot in a way to see A's peace with it. However...(lol as in not convinced totally) I also think that when you would shake the cards again and being a frantic would be the norm that would mean I could go around and tell A to worry more. Wouldn't that be a blast!
I really could start now and complain how long this waiting feels but I am not at that point anymore and I am sure most of you out there are/have been in/ will be in the same situation soon. It just sucks so I deal with it.
So its best to focus on other things; A is off to Shanghai and took a friend along on standby, they are having a blast I heard!
Since I really have to save all my days for next year I won't be traveling as much as I like (according to my father "get used to it").
Saturday I went house shopping with my parents, they sold their place in the south and are looking into different houses at the coast (nearby our home..they are SO preparing to become actively involved grandparents!) We saw three places (I loved them all)! The houses we went to see were all waterfront-side with space for a boat and with a large garden. Since we live in the centre of a city we are both actively hoping for a green, spacious on the waterfront-side house to go to in the weekends! LOL (we really do not care that my mum never wants to take a boat out on the water, just sitting in it makes her feel sick, that my dad just doesn't want to have to do any work in a big garden ever again).
We'll see were they end up, we went back to our place and my mum saw a house for sale at the end of the park were we live... she texted me this morning that the pics on the internet looked promising. I told her that A and I will move at some point haha.
A's mum lives in Spain and is also preparing for her new role as Gran; she gave us a toilet.
You might wonder why, well, our town house is designed as a family house, but somethings aren't well thought off. The bathroom on the fourth floor does not have its own toilet and since the spare room is on that floor too it is of course a lot easier when she stays over she doesn't have to go to the loo downstairs and tataa this is were the toilet comes in.
Friends of us are also rooting for our babes, their support, encouragement and distractions are really great (hint I really liked our day out to Antwerp). In all I decided after an overkill of reading every blogg about surrogacy I could find, that NNIGN!

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