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Monday, 3 August 2009


Since a week we know we're expecting twins and we feel fortunate.
Of course a twin pregnancy has more risks than a singleton pregnancy so I worry..
Last week we recieved a first scan, which shows our babes! But (sadly?) one of them is smaller and has a heartrate which is just below average. And after a week of google I am worried sick now.
I know I shouldn't read things on the internet and it is best to wait untill the next scan, but I can not help myself. We have wanted to create a family for a long time now and since we know there is a pregnancy it is real. After the first scan which showed their heartbeats it has even become more real!
I mean, I have been reading about vanishing twin syndrome, chromosome abnormalities, heart dissabilities and many many problems more and it is driving me nuts. The thing is that baby B has a slower heartrate 115 B/M and a length of 5.5 mm which resembles the same as 6.2 weeks were it should be at 7 weeks, of course it is a small difference but I think it is a big difference early on in the first trimester. Baby A has a heartrate of 143 B/M and length is 7 mm and is doing absolutely great right now. If any of you readers have heard about such a difference between twins early on in pregnancy, please let me know!
There is one good thing, my appetite is almost gone at the moment so great way of losing weight LOL.
Fingers crossed for our babes!


Amani said...

I know this is very scary for you.

Please do not consult Dr Google. Despite ourselves, we all do that and we do that because we have so little information coming out of India, and we have so little control.

Your measurements are good.While one of your beloved bubbles looks a little small, you are still well within range of normal.

At this stage all scans and measurements can be plus or minus 7 days, and all is okay.

Get off Google and relax. It looks good.

Am x

jojo said...

Just wanted to say god luck and thinking of you. xxx

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Happy thoughts are coming your way!

Terry in LA said...

I am trying to catch up on reading everyone's news and this is BIG news! I have to say the internet is our own worst enemy. I almost drove myself nuts those first several weeks. Our singleton only measured 4mm at our 7 week scan. You have to keep in mind they attach at different times - ours was definitely late to 'stick' and it sounds like one of yours was a little behind the other. That is just fine. We are now 4 weeks past that scan and all is well.

Sounds to me like you guys are in great shape here.

Axel said...

I understand you so well. I am literally sick since last night. I don't know if I have eaten something wrong or if I worry to much. This terrible night it was the first time that I felt an enormous weight on my shoulders. I keep on telling my self: "everything is wonderful", "I don't know about the future but I have confidence", "the child will be the best in the world", "I don't worry", "I don't read Dr. Google because I am not one of these paranoid birth mothers and I trust in Rotunda".
The simple truth is that I am scared like shit. We will just turn out to be just like all the other parents who care for the next few years for nothing else but the well beeing of their children.
My guess is that our new life already began.
Best wishes.

Niels and Alexander said...
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