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Sunday, 6 September 2009

and some more blabbering

I was home alone this weekend and enjoyed doing absolutely nothing this weekend! Just had a few drinks at our local bar and watched all new episodes of the X factor UK! It is a bit sad but I am actually addicted to this show, I've seen it the last couple of years and I am still amazed how much talent they find in the UK.
I never watch the dutch version cause we dutch do have some talents but singing isn't one of them!
On the pregnancy side nothing much is happening, everything seems to go alright. We did receive our invoice for the next trimester which means getting closer to our goal.
Now we're getting further in the whole process, it also means for me that I start to wonder what sort of parents we will be? And how will we manage time wise to get all things done? I mean as much as we love having two babes in our lives it is the biggest life changing event I can envision.
The surprise of expecting two babes instead of one is great but it also means a lot of extra changes. I mean, A is gone for at least two days a week and sometimes even three and how will I manage to feed two babes alone at night when they both need to be fed? Scary!
Last week we went to the day care center for our intake, and even though it looked great, really friendly staff and all, I did think it is strange that after the long road we have been following to get were we are today we will take our babes to a day care center. It is only for a maximum of two days a week and supposedly it is good for the development of their social skills but I rather have them at home. Having said that, I rather have night care lol.
At the same time things have always worked out well for me and A so bullocks to scary moments!
We also started to move things out of our office which is going to be the nursery.. this means that my painting room will also be a office. The babes will be sharing a room and I guess that's okay for the first year or so. We haven't got a clue yet how we want the nursery to look but we have started exploring the internet stores, in Holland it is common to start work on the nursery when there is still three months pregnancy left so enough time to do that.
I am really in a blabbering mode these last couple of weeks but heck I'll enjoy my blabbering moments as much as I can! Good thoughts to all.

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