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Thursday, 3 September 2009

just some blabbering

After we received our last scan, we felt secure enough to sign up with a day care. We found out they weren't taking any extra kiddos and there was also a waiting list.
So much to our surprise we received a letter that we are granted with two spots at the day care, starting august 2010. Beside the fact that the costs are incredible, we are happy with the flexibility they offer. We need at least two days a week, but due to A's work these days differ, of course this is a great reason for them to raise the bill. I actually think that starting a day care isn't a bad idea, I mean two kids two days a week day care will cost us about 1300 euros a month, there is a tax deduction but what a profitable business.
I do think I would go mental with 4 babies to take care of all by myself so probably not the best business adventure for me lol.

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