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Saturday, 19 September 2009

A's blabbering

Three and a half months on, the nerves have settled a little, but we're opening another can of nerve-worms as we speak! What colour to paint the walls of the babies' room!? Everywhere we go (and that's a lot), we see baby cots, baby car seats, baby jump suits, baby shoes, baby socks, baby uggs (can you believe it!), baby bottle warming equipment and much much more. What to choose and in which colour? The baby vanity is mounting! haha, it's a hard life!

We've been to see a baby daycare facility near us, and it was impressive, if somewhat huge! The fear of leaving your baby with strange people is a daunting prospect (even when you haven't physically got the babes in your arms yet). It's a highly emotional and traumatic situation. We've therefore now asked Niels' mum to be to help us a little on certain days. Because I was virtually brought up by my grandparents as a child, I find it extremely important that our children's grandparents play a big role in their development.

We're still nervous regarding the progress of our surrogate. That's more to do with the so-called time delay of the info coming from India rather than any real fear! We've received a number of emails just saying that the surrogate is doing well, not really a satisfactory answer you may agree? The pressure is now on to get that much wanted extra info and see those photos we've been waiting for!

We also received a kickass song from the Mikes, don't forget to check their blog!

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