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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Busy,Triple marker test, payments, time, dreams

We have been awfully busy lately. We went to the UK for a weekend to spend time with family and it was great. I also got to meet family which I hadn't met so far and they made me feel so welcome! It was at the house of a cousin of A's mum, he is 87 yrs old and even though it didn't seem he fully understood the whole surrogacy process, he was truly very enthusiastic about us having twins. A and I had a day trip to the lake district and visited a place called Windermere, Beatrice Potter the writer of Peter Rabbit lived there.. yes the book collection for babes has started.
Last weekend there was a reunion from A's school and as many people flew in for the weekend I now feel as if I am a binge drinker, british people are known for their drinking capability but I am quite confident I blended in without a hitch.

The last test results came in for the triple marker test, I am not sure how many times they do these test because after the first twelve weeks there was a test done and now again: but its always good to hear things are fine with our babes! (knock on wood).

These last couple of weeks have been horrific on the payment side, we didn't seem able to wire the payment, it came back several times and because of the exchange rate changing a couple of times (and we weren't lucky here) it has cost an extra rib for us... bummer. It did go well the last time, not sure what 'caused the hick up but it's done now.

Time: we are short of time. There is so much to do at home, work, studying, getting in contact with a person from the high commission office UK in Mumbai (pls email us if you know someone), arranging time of from from work, learn about babies, socializing (now we still can lol) and emotionally preparing ourself for the biggest change ever!
Last week A woke up early in the morning, I was already preparing for work and the first thing he said was: I had a dream about hubba and bubba (the babes), we were visiting family with them and we had all these bottles with their formula but no suck-thing for on top (no idea how that thing on top is called) so we couldn't feed them and they started crying and we couldn't console them: horror! And then A said: o, btw we're having two sons according to my dream. Yep, the sleep came back and he dozed of again.
I just do not have a clue what gender they will be but there are more people who think it will be two boys but there is also a big crowd who really feels strong that it's going to be a boy and a girl, two girls would be in fact a big surprise, mostly because nobody seems to think that.
As we are getting closer we get more anxious to know what gender they are. It will be the last surprise, but having ten fingers and ten toes, each, is much much much more important than knowing what gender they are.
We can (NOT) wait to meet hubba and bubba and since the last scans where they are looking like really tiny human beings the bonding has really really really started big time. We love them both already to pieces and we hope they stay safe and sound where they are now. Good thoughts to all and fingers crossed for uneventful pregnancies!


Susan said...

Hi Niels and Alexander. Congrats on making it this far. We dealt with Daisy Chinoy (Daisy.Chinoy@fco.gov.uk) or Trupty Shroff (Trupty.Shroff@fco.gov.uk) when we had our twins. Both were very helpful. Good luck for the remainder of your pregnancy. Susan (Foreverhopeful)

Niels and Alexander said...

Hi Susan, thank you! Hope all is well with you.

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

You guys are too funny. Those 'sucky' things are called nipples. And trust me you will get well used to them soon enough.

Sending hugs to you both,