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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Another week went by and we received more scans over the weekend, this time the scans were more about measurements and therefor it didn't really show the form of their body. One scan stood out from the rest because it was just one pic of a foot! How tiny and how perfect a little foot can be.
Our surrogate is taking really good care of our babes.
Last week we've asked if it was possible to receive a picture of our surrogate and if possible her belly, we also asked for a video scan and today the doc emailed us that they were going to send it to us!
Jippie! We really enjoy the (almost) weekly updates, its like a drug to us. Every time we receive a scan I start wondering what gender they are, so far there aren't any scans were you can tell their sex. And I am getting so curious! At first we thought that as we arranged everything so far, it would be nice to have a last big surprise at when they are born and A still feels this way... but I am so curious! Its a good thing the docs don't tell you because I would not be able to keep that to myself LOL.
As to why we would like a picture of our surrogate, we try to look into the future and we think that if our babes want to see the belly they grew in until their birth, it can be helpful. Our book of the start of this journey 'till were we are today is getting thicker and we hope these books become a treasure to both of them when they're older (we're making two exact books for the both of them; might as well get used to do everything double)... and if not they can always use it as a book-end.
Good thoughts too all and fingers crossed for uneventful pregnancies!


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Great news guys. Time is flying by.

Terry & Steve said...

So glad to hear things are going so smoothly! Amazing how much time has already passed. Looking forward to the belly pics!

Doug R said...

That's great you get weekly updates. Must make things go smoother. Good luck with everything!