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Friday, 23 October 2009


Today we received a dvd with the last scan! It's incredible to have a sneak preview of hubba and bubba. They are having a blast in there, it even seems as if they are playing together or is that wishful thinking?
I do have to say that as they are both still developing, the 4d part of the scan was at first a bit scary, I mean you suddenly see them in sephia and you can clearly see a big head and a rather small body still. Their faces are beautiful visible, one of them really likes to suck his thumb, the other one is still trying to find its mouth lol. But it is amazing that they already look as developed as they are, you can clearly see their bones, heart, brain and a little foot. A is in the UK right now, but this morning I couldn't wait and drove before work to the DHL office to get our package... I also took my laptop so I could immediately watch it. I talked A through the whole dvd and he'll see it tomorrow. So glad A didn't mind me not waiting.
Tomorrow afternoon we'll drive to my parents so mum can watched it too (she can not wait any longer).
And with regard to their gender, yes I expected it would be easier to detect anything with a film of the scan, but as a matter of fact, there is no way even a pro would be able to identify their gender. They are both just way to active to hold still, mmm ADHD already? haha.
I am trying to find a way to edit the film so the name isn't visible of our surrogate, and then we'll post it (if you know a easy way to edit pls let me know!)
What a week it has been, time seems to pass by so quickly and we still have SO much to do.
We haven't made much progress on the nursery, I mean the room is almost empty but we still have to decide on the colour and furthermore we haven't actually bought that many items.
The biggest issue is the changing table, they are all the same and just to small. The beds are decided on so that's easy but we also need a new closet for them; yes another big item to match with the other items in their room. Then I've been reading this book of Gina Ford The Contended Little Baby and she has a lot of opinions on just about anything so I have to work her ideas into our room supposedly... A told me not to use this book as my own personal bible.
I am blabbering again, but I'll post it anyways because I saw our babes on DVD!!!!
Fingers crossed for uneventful pregnancies and also good thoughts for those awaiting news!


Amani said...

How beautiful. I can't wait to get to the stage where I can have a 4D scan. technology is amazing!

Doug R said...
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Doug R said...

how cool!!! would love to see it if you are ever able to post. here's to uneventful pregnancies and good news on upcoming pregnancy tests!

Mike and Mike said...

The 4D scans are a little creepy. But fascinating at the same time. We still have all our ultrasounds and scans. We went back through the giant binder of all that information a while ago and it was surreal.

You're getting closer and closer and time will grow shorter and shorter. Get as much done as you can! Once they come, time is as precious as the Hope diamond!

Mike and Mike

P.S. Gina has a book out for juggling twins. Our Singaporean friends swear buy it.