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Wednesday, 27 January 2010


OMG. Today we received an email which stated that our surrogate has been admitted to hospital (again) and she was dilated with two centimeters... still a long way to go. But I can't describe the motions we went through once we've read this announcement. We know that if the birth will take place now, everything should be okay, but it's getting more than real now!
I was at work when A rang me and we put everything in gear to inform those who needed to know that there is a chance that we'll be on a plane either tomorrow or in the next coming days.
We phoned with our great doc in the hospital, and as many people have written before, she is so cool, direct, realistic and thus comforting for 'us' westerners. She told us to stay put and await her call, at the moment she is doing everything she can to keep the babes just a little longer in there and if labour won't be stopped, she'll know tomorrow and inform us direct. In any case, we're hoping for an extra week.
Both our parents were the once we called first, my dad's response was that he'll come over this week to finish the last bits in our house, A's mum phoned about ten times to talk about the stroller she's buying us and my mum was saying a dozen times that she will take us to the airport. And at first we didn't think to much about it, but tonight we called friends and all of them were telling us of things they would like to do whilst we're away, in all; everybody is so exited and everybody has the same nerves as we have.
Whatever happens; we're ready to go! We'll keep you posted and thanks everyone for all the support! Fingers crossed just a little longer


Terry & Steve said...

We are so excited for you guys!!! I can't imagine the emotions you must be going through! Safe travels and looking forward to seeing if you are right about them being boys!

Johnny and Darren said...


Wowee, please keep us posted guys. This is very, very exciting news.

Jon said...

How exciting! Now, drop what you're doing and get to Mumbai tout de suite! You don't want to chance missing the moment your babies arrive. It is a magical moment you will never forget.

jojo said...

Oh Wow!!! Congratulations, guys! I'm so excited for you.

I hope everything goes really smoothly for you, your surrogate and the twins and that you arrive in plenty of time.



Fredrik said...

Yes, you must be up over the moon by this time...

I guess it must be a mixed feeling of expectation and fear? But an exiting fear!

Let´t hope everything runs smoothly and keep us posted as soon/often you can!

Congrats, once again.

Amani said...

Oh wow - this is So exciting!!!!

I hope they stay in a bit longer, but by the size of that baby bump, and being twins, I'd say we're going to all be welcoming these little ones very soon.

Go, go, go - now!

Mary said...

Wow boys, things happens fast!
Hope you get there in time for the birth.

Crossing fingers for a smooth and good birth!

Best of luck to you both!