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Sunday, 3 January 2010

A rocky start of 2010

First of all a happy 2010 to all!
We spent Christmas with the whole family in Spain, supposedly for the nice climate but unfortunately we had the worst rain ever experienced in the Malaga area. We were actually stuck in the house for a couple of days as there were landslides (not as bad as in Brazil but still horrifying). There is some damage but nothing that can't be fixed.
This weekend we received a short message from the clinic with regards to our surrogate, she had some mild pain and some contractions so she was hospitalized... for over 6 days already! We were totally shocked by this. As of today she is out of hospital again and she and the babes are doing fine. The docs put her on some contraction stoppers (tocolysis meds), since we had to deal with the weekend staff we didn't get all the information we liked.
Dr. Google came in hand and so we know now that there is a top 3 of meds that can prevent pre-term labour, usually they have to work after 48 hours, so tomorrow we'll call to see why she had to stay for almost a week.
At the moment we're still kind of shocked because last week we had email contact with one of our docs and she didn't mention it at all. Perhaps they didn't want to alarm us to early, however we do want to know!
I've re-packed the suitcase with all the stuff for the babes, so if the time comes we'll be there in a jiffy. If they're born before February A will be there alone for a short while which I find shitty but that's just the way it would be.
But we just hope, every single minute, that the surrogate and the babes can stick it out for at least this month. The survival rate for this stage is quite high, around 90%, but every single day is another day in which they can grow and get stronger. So fingers crossed big time.
All the best for everyone this year and every good thought is appreciated for our babes.
Fingers crossed!


sean said...

Fingers and toes crossed for you guys that your surrogate holds them in as long as possible! I'm sure everything will go great, but its nice that you are prepared to go at any point. Very exciting for you guys! Best wishes to you and I look forward to more comforting news!

Amani said...

That is a scary start to the year. Hoping your babes stay put ... but be ready ... sounds like they want to meet their daddies.

Todd said...

Sending you all kinds of "stay put" thoughts! Our SM had a few labor contractions early last week but they were readily stopped with the medications. I'm hoping yours responds similarly. Make sure you ask them about administering the steroids so the babies' lungs can get readied just in case. I'd be insistent with your clinic that they do a better job of keeping you updated (especially during this time). I can imagine it would be very disconcerting to find out this late.

mehdirah said...

Let hope that the babies stay inside at least one more month. But no stress: even now, they are perfectly viable without any problem. Just that they will have to spend 2 months in the hospital...

I was a very premature child (6 months, 1 kilo) and have no problems at all. But yes, I had to spend my first 3 months in the hospital.


Anonymous said...


Will and Michael said...

Hope all going well for you guys.... Been a while between posts, positive thoughts!!!