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Monday, 18 January 2010

short update+pics

It has been a time since my last post! This is all due to the fact that we're both too busy at the moment. Our surrogate has been in hospital, but is out of hospital since last week. We thought that she was released weeks ago already, but, the thing is in India someone is released from hospital after paying the bills. We did pay immediately the the itemized bill, but we had to pay an advance already for the delivery... nobody told us however so it took a little longer to get her released from hospital. Besides that, we've been working hard to finish the nursery (which still isn't finished lol). I have made a few pics but can't upload them for some stupid reason.
At work it has been incredible busy, I had to do the yearly evaluation of 28 people. They all deserve a well through thought written evaluation so I locked myself in an office for a few days to finish it all and after that I had all the face2face meetings so after a few weeks I feel emotionally drained!
But besides this, the 'getting ready mode' for India is really an emotional stretch at the moment. Regularly I wake up in the morning with the horrible thought that I slept the whole night and I didn't wake up to feed the babes and after just a minute reality kicks in and I feel okay right away... just for a minute to check our email to see if there's a message from the clinic... my heart races big time and so far: no message. If A is flying the next thing I do is check the news online to find out if all planes are still up in the air. I feel like a wreck! And this has been going on since our surrogate has been hospitalized. I am so glad that I have been so incredible busy at work otherwise I am sure I would have turned into a loony.
In a way it is all okay of course since my mind is just preparing for the change in our household. And I (never used too) pray, and I am not sure to whom I pray, but I just pray that our babes and our surrogate hang in there; it is way to early for them to be born already... also because we're still name juggling. I think we are having boys, but am not sure of course until they are born, so we have to have a set of names for girls as well. But since I feel so convinced that they will be boys, we haven't got an agreed set of names for girls. Wow, after writing this all I do feel like a loony. We did paint our own nursery painting for the babes, not finished.. but almost! And yes, I will post more regularly, because after all, this is a journey to remember. Anyways, I will try to add a pic of our nursery, here goes:


Jon said...


At this stage (I think you are in week 33 or so???), you are better served speaking directly with Dr Soni when you need updates. Sadly the communication seems to devolve towards the end of pregnancies as the due date approaches; when an IP contacts the clinic for an update then the clinics request info from Soni who at this stage is exclusively responsible for their medical care, she blows them off if she is too busy or feels they are questioning her expertise, yada, yada, yada, then the clinics get pissed and ignore her, it's a nerve-wrecking soap opera of sorts that I've seen played over again and again. Professional hubris at its worst and very taxing for IPs thousands of miles away who are waiting for any shred of news about their baby.

But do give her a call if you need info at this stage to calm your nerves. She's usually very busy and very curt on the phone but takes all the calls from IPs, especially when the delivery is right around the corner because she knows she'll have to deal with you in person in the very near future. If you need her mobile, let me know and I'll email it to you. Honestly I would go right to the source at this stage for information.

Hang in there, a few weeks from now you will be the happiest guys on this planet!


Amani said...

The nursery looks great! Can't wait to see your babes safely at home.

Kerrie and Mark said...

Love the nursery! It looks like a dream place to come home to. Well done.

Terry & Steve said...

Always love getting updates on you guys. LOVE the dual cribs - really makes it real seeing this :)

Will and Michael said...

Hope all goes well and the bubs keep a low profile for another few weeks.

Fredrik said...

What a nice room and what a wonderful thing to do! I guess you have enjoyed it very much. Hope everything goes well, it is soon your turn!

Todd said...

We are just a week or so ahead of you and very good chance we will be in Mumbai together! Will watch for your updates, I expect we will be there within the next week. Best wishes!

Stephaniekb said...

Better get that room finished up so you can start packing!!! Hope they stay put for another few weeks, but I bet you're getting excited!

Johnny and Darren said...

Your nursery looks wonderful