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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Even better

Well, our first choice egg donor wasn't available anymore.
So we asked for other profiles and we have chosen another one! How easy does this sound?
We thought it was best to act really quick, so after we phoned India once again, they emailed us some new profiles, within the hour we were able to make a decision and we rang the doctor back; deal secured! Even we were surprised how fast things could go. 
Monday is another day of phone calls, 'cause the docs had to look into the menses of our ed and sm before securing any travel dates for us. We prefer a "fresh delivery" opposed to a frozen one, due to the fact that A does not have to work the whole month of April it is immensely important to us that April will be possible.
The date March 10 will always be remembered by us, A had some good news on a contract and we now know the other 'half'! We celebrated with close friends that night all the good stuff in our lives.... and of course drinking away the CC (creditcrunch:) haha.
We have been following numerous people who are far ahead in this journey and we learned early on that money is or can be an issue. However, we both worked on this as a 'regular contract' and hopefully there won't be any problems at all. But we did learn that if something is so desired by us, we cave in in an instant. But at the same time we learnt (thanks to various other bloggers) that you have to be very clear on the money side and that securing the amounts is very clear for both parties. (... we should have done this part better with our solicitor:(
It still feels strange to talk, write or think business like in such an emotional ordeal.

Last week was Restaurant Week in the Netherlands, it is a great week because a lot of restaurants offer a three course dinner for only 25 euro! Even better is that a lot of the more expensive restaurants joined the Restaurant Week 09 as well, gotta love bits of the CC.
We had our fair deal of exclusive dining for this month.
Our workweeks are better again since we didn't get a new contract for March so we do not have to work 24/7 anymore. 
In April we will drive(!) to Spain. One way is 2000 miles. A has done it a couple of times before, for me it will be a first. First we will drive to a very picturesque village in France and stay there for the night, then we'll stay in a wonderful picturesque motel close to the motorway and our last stop is in Madrid which is crazy! I love Madrid! It can be as busy, hectic, lively, colorful, hot, green, grey, cold as New York can be. 
Our family house, available for rentals btw, will be finished by then. Mumbai is either before that trip or after that trip. And if Mumbai has to be in the middle of April, Spain will have to wait until October. 
It is also a definite that we go together to Mumbai. At first I thought that A might as well go to Mumbai by himself this time. I mean, he has to deliver something and that is it this time. Since I do not have to many paid days of absence, I thought I better save them. But it is a journey we are on together, so we'll go together and we will take the opportunity to visit the country and get to know its culture better than just read books about India. 
The next time when we're there, we hopefully don't have to much time to wonder around and about anymore! 
Well this was it for tonight folks, I am of to the gym (still a few kilos to get rid off after stopping my very very bad habit)


Mike and Mike said...

Well, I hope we can cross paths while you are in Mumbai. Providing the babies don't come early, I'll e-mail you guys before we leave and see if we can't get together.

Mike and Mike

P.S. Madrid? House? Rental? Think it'll be around when the kids are 5 or 6? lol

Kerrie and Mark said...

Congrats on making your big decision. Now let the fun begin!

Niels and Alexander said...

@M&M, hopefully we will hear this week if we can make April, would be nice to meet up if possible.
Oi, I do hope holidays are possible before their 5 haha.

@K&M, thank you. It does feel a bit as if we're 'underway'.