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Friday, 5 June 2009

so many words

Its Thursday!... which means it is almost weekend again:) 
Perhaps it isn't the best time to write since we had a lovely evening with great wines.. but then again life is to short to drink bad wine and way to short not to write.
After the great comments of Kerrie (read her blog 'cause she absolutely needs support in a good way, comments of Rhonda (read her blog too 'cause she and her husband are really so positive in all their blogs and they are expecting!) and of course the comments of the Mikes:).
We met them whilst we were in Mumbai which was great 'cause they are great people and you can get a good idea why when you read their blog and how their journey went along. We have followed their story for a long time now. Not only because of the witty style of writing but also because they write as it is. I mean, at times it is so detailed that I am wondering if they carry a recorder during the day:) 
Truly, there are many bloggers who are willing to share their story and it helps! 
I, we find support, comfort and peace in writing our thoughts and reading your experiences and stories. Every step in the route of becoming a parent is exciting. Every decision is exciting, every disappointment which one is bound to endure is horrific. But in the end, ones personal hope and wishes make sure the circle is round as it should be... and of course hopefully with a baby. We decided not to worry and we'll see. It is a definite that the Doc and the rest of the team know what they have to do much better than I do, I mean even though I would like to tell them step by step what to do, I do not believe it would ensure succes:) Think Oprah/Dr Phil.

Regarding wedding activities: I thought it would be nice to wait until our child can attend the wedding, however, I have a gut feeling that A's mother and my parents would like to see that we get married before. Let's just say, we still have about 11 months (at least) to change our minds. And my gut feeling isn't as gutty as it sounds. They told us that a marriage in the nearby future would be appreciated haha.

This week we looked into the ICSI method again (just look on youtube) and I have decided I could not keep my hands that still. But it is an absolute amazing thing to see how these procedures are being carried out. I also googled everything on couples who have taken the journey before us, press releases and the whole lot. My bookmarks are almost equally to wiki.

Sadly Susan Boyle did not win BGT last week (as if anyone cares who won), but there is another show with even funnier singers: write; Geraldine (in the search bar of Youtube) and you'll find plenty of beautiful other Britains Got Talent singers.... 
I used so many words but there is just one thing to conclude this evening with: the winetasting was excellent.
Enjoy your Friday!


Kerrie and Mark said...

Wedding! Well this is an event to definately add some stress to you lives!! We did the Bahamas wedding and told no one in advance...and it was GREAT!!!! I highly recommend it.
Thanks for the honorable mention in this post. Its great how we have each other for support. When is your next trip to Mumbai?

Mike and Mike said...

Recorder? Naw, just a husband with a memory like an elephant...and the occasional selective memory, lol.

Thanks for the compliments. So who's wearing the wedding dress? I think Niels would look lovely in white ;P

Mike A.