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Thursday, 25 June 2009


Well okay, after a few days things are very much back to normal again and we are back in the waiting modus.
Me waiting means me finding out things. I have been looking into the grading of three day old embryos when they are implanted if found okay. Whilst there is so much information on the subject (I like all the bloggers who extensively publish their findings) it is very hard to tell what's going to happen. We had A quality and B quality embryos. The pics of the embryos aren't very clear at first, but after looking at other pics on the internet they seemed quite okay.
Here is the big but, there is no guarantee... ever! A+++ embryos do not mean; 'we're going to stick around 9 months'
Here's where the nature part really kicks in. So far it was mostly a clinical thing for us, we had to deliver our part in the clinic and that was it, the doctor handled all the technical lab things, retrieved eggs, brought egg and sperm together and after a few days placed the best embryos back and give nature its chance to do its part.
According to the clinic they can do a pregnancy test after two weeks, however, A and I are more interested in a test after 4 weeks, supposedly most women have the pregnancy hormones in their body after two weeks even when there is not an actual pregnancy. This is due to the fact that the gestational surrogate has been given hormones to improve the 'quality' of the (*can't find the right word now). So I wonder now, why not just wait 4 weeks to do the test?
Pff, know the answer to that one; impatience!
Good thoughts to all!


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

I have always considered it just luck of the draw! We had great Grade A embryo's and had 2 negatives. I have heard of others with Grade c and positives. Let's just hope Mother Nature is in your corner and you both get a BFP the first go-around!!! Keeping fingers crossed and sending a ton of baby dust to India.

Kerrie and Mark said...

Oh I am spending my days in prayer as I pray for you guys and everyone else in the tww and pregnant. There is no guarantee for sure but good positive thoughts worldwide can help!

Tigerlilycat said...

Good luck guys! Pregnancy tests can be performed after 14 days, but the test needs to keep being repeated (every 2-3 days) in a surrogacy pregnancy to make sure the hormone levels are rising if it was a positive result. Those drugs can definitely give false readings if only one test is performed.

Axel said...

I think you shouldn't miss the first test. You may have a false positive, sure. But the alternative isn't any better. With our first try we had the negative result after 2 weeks and at least I knew that any hope for these embryos at that time would be false hope. Right now we are waiting for the first beta for our second try and I can't help but think about it all the times. If it's negative then be it. But if it is, I wanna know at least asap.

Niels and Alexander said...

thanks for the tips all. And Axel I can relate to your feelings! Please let us know the outcome.