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Monday, 15 June 2009

when o when

Another week has gone by and I really can not tell anything because nothing has happened yet.
Last week we phoned our docs to talk things through, we wanted them to know (they knew but just to be sure) that when the egg retrieval has taken place, we would like to talk with our doc on the phone so we would be closely involved in the next step deciding what to do if there where only 2 poor quality eggs (worst case scenario) or what to do if there were 4 A quality eggs. But then we found out that the retrieval has been postponed due to unclear reasons for us. The clinic is very busy, but still, when this happens one just wants to be informed.
Then I was reading a blog story which insinuated that this happens more often but for dodgy reasons... whatever that means. I mean, am I to think now that our clinic isn't doing their part of the deal?
We could ring the clinic again and again but we try to keep in mind that it is out of our hands.
I mean we are here and do not have anything to influence the process.
We have not rang again and just wait until they phone us.
I just want to be reassured that even when our doc sounded a bit surprised to speak to us on the phone and even not really recognizing us and knowing when our ED and GS cycles are, that everything is normal and that due to their success they just do not have any time to do some 'customer service activities'.

Understandably we are getting more anxious at this stage and we just hope.
Like so many others we just hope and ask ourselves: 'when o when?'


Amani said...

I hate to hear of your stress. We know which clinic you are with. Surrogacy India.

During the past week alone SI has had two surrogates and three EDs go MIA. One couple from the USA flew to Mumbai and showed up and there was no surrogate. They did what they had to do, got home to the USA and then were told .... you have to fly back to India - at your own cost - to resign with a different surrogate.

How is this their fault? How is this their responsibility? Surely it is up to the clinic providing the surrogate to ensure she et al will show up at the designated time.

I don't care if it is summertime or holiday season in India. Nor do I care whether a particular clinic is busy and cannot attend to a paying client's most reasonable request.

If anyone is being expolited through this whoel Infian surrogacy thing, it is the IPs.

Keep that in mind.

I said...


I am crushed at reading your story and frustration. I have heard similar stories from others. I hope that people will have the guts to post their experiences to warn other IP's about this clinic.

crystal said...

I have my everything crossed for you two. Our journey begins all over again on the 24th, so I know how you both feel.

Niels and Alexander said...

Thanks for your good thoughts!
For the record we are with a different clinic, but I think that due to their busy days communication with IP's is the last thing on their mind. We try to keep in mind that they know what they do and I think that lack of communication is happening with every clinic to some extend. The insecurity everyone feels during this whole journey is terrible, but I am not sure that this can be ruled out?

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

I find it very respectful of you to voice your opinions, but not bash your clinic by name. There are always bumps along the way with any clinic, in any country. Hopefully all will fall into place soon.

Keep the faith guys all will work out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rhonda

We don't live in Iran dear. People can express themselves in the Western world. Why are you trying to censor these people?