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Thursday, 18 June 2009


Since my last post there has not been any news.
And I did not rang them either.
I was saddened to read that other people have had the same and or slightly different experiences. But I am wondering, am I to controlling? Obviously the doctor knows what she is doing. Would a doctor here in the Netherlands or the UK call us to involve us in every step of this? Of course they would. But then again we are not working with a clinic here but in India. So it is up to us to adjust to their habits. I do agree with other bloggers that if you want or need more information it has to be given to you immediately and especially when a timetable has changed for whatever reason!
In our case we agreed before we ever started that we wanted to be informed when things change or whatever and even though we agreed that via email there is no way of holding that against them... not that I even want too 'cause I do not gain anything arguing over this. So A is back tomorrow after a short trip and we will call them again since we are in control of our phone lol.
We are both anxious, excited, worried, nervous, optimistic, pessimistic and a lot more but even though the success percentage is not that high, we do keep in mind that there are also a lot of people who have been through all this successful. Surely we can do too!

So until further notice we choose to trust our doctor and clinic.
Good thoughts to all


Amani said...

That sounds very frustrating. Been there, done that. But patience and trust are very much a part of this crazy journey called surrogacy in India.

Don't be afraid to ask questions and demand answers, however. You are paying customers and your clinic is meant to be meeting professional international standards. The meeker clients will get put to the bottom of the list, so stand up for yourselves.

Niels and Alexander said...

Hi Amani,
Well even though things seem to be chaotic at the moment with communication, we are in our 2 ww right now!
So fingers crossed.