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Thursday, 3 December 2009

100 Days

I was just waiting to write this, but till due date it is only 100 more days to go!
We're still keeping our fingers crossed for an uneventful pregnancy. Since we received the last update I am a bit anxious about the babes since they're so 'large' according to the docs... yep, I had a 'chat' with Dr Google.
We are awaiting the results for the tests for pregnancy diabetics, if they are this big due to pregnancy diabetics it can be controlled quite well by the docs.
If not treated correctly I understand that the placentae maturity can go up to grade 3, which normally should be more at the end of the pregnancy. Grade 3 maturity means that our babes won't be getting all the nutritions they need and that they should be born: and it is WAY to early for that.
But all of this is still unsure and the docs reassured us that even though our babes are quite large they still believe everything is fine with both of them. So this leaves us waiting for the results.

A was in Bangkok for a few days and he went to the Indian Visa Buro to get his visa sorted and he made the application ... in three weeks time he will be there again and thus able to pick up his visa. For him this was the easiest way to get a visa which allows him to stay for 6 months in India if needed. Next week I'll be in Belgium where I will sort out my Visa.

Fingers crossed big time for good health for our babes and our surrogate.
Good thoughts for everyone!


Johnny and Darren said...

100 days to go! This is very, very exciting and personally one of the mental milestones we look forward to passing.

Amani said...

You're almost in the double digit countdown.

Yay, another milestone passed.