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Thursday, 10 December 2009

No pregnancy diabetics!

We received a new update and the results of the sugar tests and all is fine! It really seems to go by the book this pregnancy (knock on wood for the ... I lost count).
Both babes are still larger than babes usually are at this gestational age, they're also both quite a lot heavier again: the smallest one is 1 kilo (2lbs) and the bigger one is 1.4 kilo (2.7lbs).
The doc will make a pic of our surrogate at the next visit so finally we'll get to see her belly!
Our surrogate is doing fine and she is taking very good care of our babes, today I spent some time thinking of her and how her being a surrogate is life changing for so many. I mean, she will give us the greatest gift I can ever hope for and she will be able to provide education and other really life improving things for her family.
I just read on another blog that the IP's were sending presents over for Christmas, and I felt kind of uncomfortable because I haven't thought of that! And then again what do you send? I am sure she can use a lot of things, but I haven't got a clue what she would like.

At the moment the gestational age is almost 27 weeks and they are in breech position, the doc told us that there is still plenty of space for the babes to move around, but it seems likely that they will be born by C section. The expected due date is still the beginning of February and at the moment there is no sign that they want to come earlier than that. Which is very good!
At home we're still working on getting things ready, and it seems there is no end to it! We really have too much of everything! My father visited today and helped me clear out the storage... and throw things away. Most of the things will be sold at a flee market and the revenues will go to an elderly home (I guess it's the spirit of the year:).
My dad even tried to convince me that I should get rid of some of my Christmas stuff.. Say what! I do have to explain a little bit I guess, a few years ago there was a sale on really nice Christmas decoration and I, well lets just say I emptied the store. I think I can easily decorate about 10 Christmas trees and I know this is ridiculous but I am attached to every single Christmas ball! There are already some boxes going to Spain for the decorations there and I tried to convince my father to take some extra in his luggage but he doesn't want me to move all my stuff from here to over there. A also wants me to get rid of half the decorations but I have hold my ground:) I did promise however that I won't buy any new decoration material... ever.
All minor worries, the most important thing is that our babes are doing great and our surrogate is doing great.
Fingers crossed for uneventful pregnancies and good festive thoughts too all!


Jon said...

Great news that your surrogate is healthy! You guys are in the home stretch now. Good luck!

Todd said...

Wonderful update! Lots to celebrate this holiday season!

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour said...
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Amani said...

Oops, that was me above. Great to hear your bubs are healthy and well and there is no diabetes. Enjoy your Christmas and all your decorations, they will be an endless source of fascination for your babes this time next year.