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Monday, 7 December 2009

Our doc

We hadn't heard from our clinic with regards to the pregnancy diabetics so we called them today and learnt that our doctor isn't working with the clinic anymore.
Anywhere in the world people change jobs so we don't have any hard feelings, but we would have liked our clinic to inform us. During this whole process you built up an relationship of trust, it starts when you first inform via email, then phone calls and so on until you have the positive result you're hoping off.
We had a great click with our doc, she was almost always on top of our case so we have to rebuilt a relationship with our new doc. I am sure many already have experienced changing docs during similar processes so I am confident that we will get to the same stage of trust again.
Our new doc did know immediately who we were and she had just seen our surrogate, she is doing fine, getting more tired as the babies are larger than they should be at this point. The results of the diabetics tests will come in this afternoon and she will email us tomorrow morning Indian time, so fingers crossed!

We got in contact with our-concierge-to-be and he is going to help us out with various things, we've decided to go along with the same concierge as the Mikes have used.
Furthermore we still haven't decided on a hotel! Bugger, still working on the best deal we can get. We did find a service-apartment for 5000 INR incl breakfast and all the amenities you can find at a hotel apartment but we haven't heard of anyone staying there and we very much like the hotel apartment where other IP's have stayed as we are sure that everything is there as it should be. So... the reason for us to look for the best deal is because we haven't got a clue how long we'll need to be there. It can easily be a month... or three.
Last weekend we went to the UK and did some major baby-gear shopping. And we are definite set to go!
Last Friday we chatted with Mike and they are sending us their baby-carry bags! Which is great 'cause I am still in shock about the amount of money we have spent in just one single store last Saturday lol. I guess I'll be in shock a lot more in the future. The whole trip was fun even though we hadn't really had any sleep prior leaving. My mum decided 5 minutes before we left that she wasn't joining us since she just read on the internet that there was a storm! A storm to powerful for her to get over her fear of the wide open sea, so it was a shame she didn't go 'cause when we got to the boat there was hardly any wind or rain and we had a beautiful crossing (really mum, there was no wind:). My dad however, was even more excited with the prospect of being on a boat with a big big storm, disappointment all around us haha. Next time we'll go by plane.

We're also working on leave from our jobs, my employer is being fairly easy but A's employer is a bit more difficult. Here in Holland there are rules for just about everything, except surrogacy.
When we would adopt we would get paid leave, but there aren't any rules on surrogacy so we just have to beg for some understanding. A already experienced that a women from HR was explaining to him that men shouldn't have children without a women being present! Some people are so ignorant and intolerant, we hired a professional to join him in his meeting today with his manager because if they are taking a stand so can we; equal rights for everyone! In two weeks time we'll hear their decision. So far we've anticipated that it will come down to unpaid leave and that's fine, but no harm in trying. Christmas is getting closer and closer and we are so looking forward to spending just a few days in the Spanish sun! After that we'll be on stand by at home to wait for the big arrival of our babes. As we are getting closer to the end and reading, talking with other parents to prepare, we still feel we're not prepared. I am scared, A is scared but confident that we will do our utmost best. But how does one prepare on sleepless nights? How can we be sure that we'll understand our babes even though they can't express themselves with words? Will we be able to tell the difference between a little cry before sleep or a desperate cry for attention, food or pains? It's just nerves I guess and we'll learn soon enough.
For now fingers crossed for uneventful pregnancies and good thoughts for everyone!


Todd said...

I hope the communication challenges get sorted out for you, and that the results for the gestational diabetes are good for your SM and twins. Even if your results aren't favorable, it is better to know so they can try to get under control now than not to know at all!

Getting things ready for the babies can be overwhelming yet exciting at the same time! We have encountered a little of what you describe with the HR policy interpretation difficulties but there is no excuse for the insensitive remark about men having children that A heard!

Best wishes for your mere weeks remaining!

Niels and Alexander said...

Hi Nayna, we are with Rotunda.

Hi Todd, thanks, wishing you and your loved ones a fab 2010! I should start a calendar for who will be in Mumbai early 2010.. but when are you guys there again?

Axel said...

I guess finding a place to live is quite a difficult thing to do. Did anybody check out http://www.travelhungama.com/zoiaresorts/tariffs.html. I was told it takes anything between 1 and 3 hours by car to to get from there to Bandra. But I have also spend more then 90 minutes in a car to get from Bandra to Colaba. If we have to live there for months, do we really need to be close to the clinic? Getting a bit away from Bombay makes everything so much cheaper and with a given budget, the quality is getting better, am I right with that?

Stephaniekb said...

With regards to baby cries, it can really only be one of four choices at the beginning:
I'm hungry, I'm poopy, I'm gassy, or I'm tired. You may find yourself trying solutions to each problem one after the other, but you will figure out what baby needs really quickly!

Todd said...

2010 is going to be a fabulous year for many of us! Best wishes to you too.

Our target due date is end of January which would be 36 weeks. Practically speaking, we will be ready for earlier than that... as we all know, twins are especially impatient with making their entrance into the world!

Niels and Alexander said...

Thanks Stephanie, I know intellectually that you're right! I just hope I am not the exception 'moron' lol.
But its good to know that in the beginning it should come down to those four options!