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Monday, 13 October 2008

and more..

Mike (from mikeandmike), emailed me with more information on the subject.
So now I'm also in contact with India Surrogacy, a samesex couple in the UK and even with a dutch couple! 

Last week we spent the week in Tel Aviv, we were there during Yom Kippur, which is a day of atonement for Jews. We didn't quite knew what to expect, but found that everything and I mean everything stops for 25 hours. We had a wonderful time there and we had lots of quality time with just the two of us which was great! Hopefully we will be going there one day as a family.

At the moment we're getting so much wanted and needed information from different people and institutes. Last Saturday I've received a copy of "A Gay Couple's Journey Through Surrogacy". 
Their story is at times hysterical, but mostly one has to admire their perseverance. 
And also, it struck me, that a known surrogate opposed to an unknown surrogate as in India, isn't always easier. When we started to explore the possibilities, we first talked to close friends of us, just to see if someone would be willing to carry our child. We did this because we thought it would be easier; in real life it's probably harder, 'cause, it's likely you want to control the way they live, what she eats, does she rest enough and probably much more. And to be honest, I am probably to much of a control freak LOL.

Most people we've spoken to, used a local egg donor in India. 
Some time ago, we have asked a good friend of us for her 'eggies', later this month, hopefully, she will be in Holland.
It will give us the opportunity to talk about the subject more. A shared a house with her in London for some time and stayed in touch via Facebook, Skype and JaJah. For her it was a surprise that we asked her. For us it would feel really, really good to know the egg donor and we will be very honored if she will give us her eggies! We do understand the emotional burden for her so let's keep our fingers crossed. 
Tonight a good friend of ours came by, he is a 'known donor' for a lesbian couple, it means he doesn't have any parental rights but does see his daughter once a month. It is at times a complicated situation, not sure how we're going to do this, but our donor (to be hopefully) does not live right around the corner, we'll see.
A is gone now for the week, so this week will be quiet on the surrogacy subject.
Anyways, the last couple of days I seem to blablabla a lot; hormones haha 

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