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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Another day, and more questions on our preparatory list, before jumping aboard the surrogacy train. We spoke to Mike A on the phone yesterday, who helped clarify some of the haze surrounding the practicalities of how to go about certain things and helped prepare us for some of the stumbling blocks we may encounter. I'll add a list of questions we had to our blog, as it may help others;

Q. Is it helpful to use a lawyer in India? Which lawyer did you use?
A. Have a contract drawn up in which all amounts payable are mentioned.

Q. What is the best way of transferring money and how long does it usually take?
A. Wiring money to India is not much of a problem although Indian banks seem to hold onto the money for quite a time before it is deposited into the account. We were advised to use a credit card due to the speed the money is transferred and the fact that you are (usually) insured against fraudulent transactions with your card.

What is the procedure surrounding the birth certificate and gaining a passport for your baby's homeward travel?

Sperm, eggs etc etc.
Q. How many eggs should we have inseminated?

Q. Whose sperm to use?

Q. Finding a donor egg. Whose?

The clinic

Which clinic did you use?

Are you happy with the conditions the surrogates live in?

Is the clinic legitimate?

How professionally do they work?

How quick were they in responding to any queries?

What is the procedure surrounding choosing the surrogate mother? What should we take into account?

Her fertility history, has she had any children, when? Her weight and height proportion.

this is a general sketch, there is far more to come...

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