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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Thinking, talking and waiting

Alexander and I have been thinking everything through again and again, well, we had to since our fertillity doctor here in Holland is only willing to do the tests if we answer his questions in a way he wants them to be answered! We really don't mind, but it makes it extra exciting cause we want to do well of course.
The staff of the clinic is wonderful and they are so much willing to help us, they even offered to run the tests on the donors eggs if she would be in Holland around the 20th of November. We haven't heard yet of our donor to be, we do know she is considering so for everyone who is wondering; keep your fingers crossed just a little longer.

At the moment I am in Spain with my mother and we're staying at Alexanders mum. I will leave tuesday, but till then we have a lot to do.
We bought a family holiday home down here, it is a new built so there is a lot to monitor. Today the three of us went to a lot of different shops and we had a good time driving around: NOT! Mother (and in-law) were both on my neck; either I was driving to slow, to fast etc. In the end I told them they could take a taxi home if they like haha.
We had lunch at a place next to a babystuff shop and I can see that my mum is really hoping so much. It will be her only chance to become a grandparent, I feel for her. She doesn't say anything because she knows so many things can go wrong and maybe it will never happen for us. We have told them that it can be a long & windy road with an unknown end to it.
But still, I can tell she can't wait to go into that shop and empty her purse! (which is wonderful for us by that time haha).
Alexanders mum is more patient about the whole thing, she will get excited when the baby is on its way. She really understands how difficult the process is. 

A couple we've met via a surrogacy forum, just mailed us the sad news that their surrogate isn't pregnant anymore. It is terrible news to receive for them. But they also mentioned that after the grieving, they will do another attempt. We wish more luck for them the next time!
All the different stories makes me SO anxious of what our story is going to be... is it one of the easy stories or is it going to take forever and ever...
Patients isn't my best quality LOL.

Anyway, we think of everyone who is in the process and hope you are successful or will be soon!

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