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Friday, 3 October 2008

How about surrogacy?

Today we're making one of the many first steps towards a different life.
We live in the Netherlands, my partner is brittish and I am dutch, and we want to built our own family! Our friends and family support us in our journey, and we realize that this journey can take many, many years...the 'to be granny's' hope it will go smooth and quick!

We've found a lot of information on the subject surrogacy.
At first we didn't look any further; the USA was our destination!
However, the costs of the whole process seemed to be getting higher and higher, which eventually would mean we would have to take out an extra mortgage. The whole creditcrunch does not help!
So we looked on, and through various websites we found information on gestational-surrogacy in India.
First of all we were amazed of the low costs compared to the USA and the liberal approach to surrogacy.
Since weeks we have been trying to contact other 'intended parents through gestational-surrogacy in India', strangely Google hasn't been a big helper here!

So if you know more about clinics where doctors are willing to help same-sex couples in India; do contact us!
At the moment we have a lot of contact with a clinic in Rotunda, and are thinking of traveling to Rotunda Mumbai and see with our own eyes what sort of clinic it is and see how the surrogate lives whilst she is pregnant (yes, that'll be a while:).

'Till next time,


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