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Monday, 27 October 2008

a friend

Alexander is in Detroit and I am in Spain. Late last night he phoned me and we were talking about our egg donor to be.
She was supposed to be in the UK by now, however, she has lost her passport (??), which is terrible for her of course. Alexander has spoken to her on the phone earlier yesterday, but the subject hadn't come up.
Alexander did not bring up the subject himself, he does not want to pressure her into making decisions, which is good. However, she did not bring up the subject either, I do understand that since they have known each other for such a long time, it can be difficult at times. For us she would be the ideal person, but we might not be the ideal persons in her eyes. The ideal person for her would of course be herself. We do understand the emotions she must be feeling about such a difficult question.
It is not an easy thought. Alexander told me to call her when I am back home so I could discuss it with her. There are things where I am slightly better in than he is.
Since we had this talk yesterday, I've been thinking about it, and whilst I was reading some of the newest blogs I follow, there was one which stood out; "I will be a wonderful mother" (author unknown). After reading I would say; "I will be a wonderful father" (author Niels :)
I have always known that I wanted to create a family, their where some hurdles to take (like not having ovaries and the likes), but I was going to create a family with my life partner some day.
For everyone who thinks that the decision to pursuit this dream is easy, I would like to say 'think again'. It does not matter if one is gay or straight, when you do not have the ability to built a family, you miss something. 
And, perhaps it sounds corny, but we will not rest untill we have our own family.
Last night I joked with our mothers that it feels like 'my eggs are ticking'. (...replace eggs with another word)

So before we start talking about plan B, I will ring our friend.
She was a friend, is a friend and she stays a friend, whatever the outcome is.

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