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Saturday, 1 November 2008

short post

This week I've spoken with our friend who hopefully will donate one (or more) of her eggs. 
She is definitely not coming to Europe at the moment for all different reasons, makes it harder to talk things through! It would've been great to see her again and also talk about it whilst we were physical in the same room.
Tomorrow its her birthday, or actually today, Australians are ahead of us:) 
In any case, she is still thinking things through, she also understands that we are waiting for her answer.
She said that she was going to write us a very long email with her definite answer, whatever that maybe. We were however not yet to conclude that this implicates that her answer is going to be negative for us! Brr, I'm feeling lost!

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend. He and his wife do not want to have children themselves, but do support us in our journey. He asked me what we will do if she does say no, he was the first one who, besides us, is questioning what to do if she says no.
Well, we're still unsure and so we are unable to answer a question on the subject. I favor a known donor, if there is the slightest chance we can give our child the possibility to meet her/his biological mother, we will do just that.
On the other hand, if it turns out to be impossible, are we going to change our mind? Alexander and I have talked about it of course, but my mind is still set on a known egg donor. 

You know, I just wish that things would be easier. Whenever I say something like this, Alexander calls me Mr. Plom which stands for Poor Little Old Me haha, makes me laugh.
But today I have to tell myself since he is away visiting his dad. 
We both hope we have a final yes or no sometime this week.

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