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Friday, 7 November 2008

Eggs and legal things...

Well, we still haven't heard a thing form our egg donor to be. Alexander and I both assume that the answer is negative for us. 
So a lot to think about.

At the same time, we've been trying to find out how to go about it legally, we're lucky Alexander is british, otherwise things could be more complicated;
The dutch government doesn't approve of surrogacy, however, we're in contact with employees of the dutch foreign office who've stated that they work 'around' the rules. I have been trying to get that in writing, also because we need that in writing before starting the procedures! But so far they haven't written anything down for us. So back to Plan A, Alexander is british, and the laws in the UK are changing, which for us would mean that we can apply for a parental order form in the UK, and thus we can go to the UK embassy in Mumbai to obtain a passport. This is the shortest version of the story ever! It will of course be a lot more complicated than this and we still have to be more sure on loads of things, but I am sure it is possible for us too.
We both have a strong wish that our child(ren) has(have) a UK passport. Especially Alexander travels a lot due to his work and we hope that in the future we can pass the passion for other cultures and traveling on to our child and it is a lot easier when Alexander travels alone with our kid and they have the same passport.
Next week we'll be in the UK and visit a solicitor (relative luckily), hope he can reassure us with facts how to go about it.

And now back to reality, the USA has a new president and most Europeans are very happy it's Barrack Obama. 
I ripped out of my pants today. Had a business lunch, whilst I was taking care of the bill, I bent to pick up my bag and then I heard: krrrgrr. It almost made me start smoking again! I think I gained 20pnds in just 2 months or so, I feel terrible!!! So, I'm off to the gym. The whole thing was pretty funny, because of course I said out loud, very loud 'oops, I ripped my pants' . The restaurant owner said ' o really, let me look', without waiting he looked and said 'I have an extra pair in the back, want to borrow it?' 
Very kind of course, but the only thing I wanted was to get the hell out of there! At least the person I had lunch with had a very good laugh and a good story for his co-workers. 
Now I really have to go to the gym!


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