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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Still hoping

In my previous post today I forgot to mention that our friend has mailed us about her eggies.
She is truly excited to be asked, but at the same time she feels heartbroken about what to do.
As she wants a family of her own in the future, it is kind of strange to give an egg away now. Just imagine that she will never get pregnant, how will she feel then? Knowing that a child, biological half hers, lives on the other side of the world?
We both understand how she feels. If someone were to ask for my or A's swimmers, and someone already asked us so we know, I would have to think hard, very hard. If I would already have my own family it wouldn't be a huge problem for me, actually, I would be willing to help someone for sure. But until we have our own creation of a family I wouldn't be a good help to anyone. Sounds egocentric... at the same time it makes me understand our friend so well.
She asked us a lot of questions, which we answered. Now it is the final wait. If you wonder how we feel about her part or role, we see her as half the biological parent, which is logical of course, but without the legal rights, since Alexander and I would have that right. Our plan is to be open to the child and our parents and friends already know we asked her for her eggies. So she would have a role in our childs life, we will keep her updated and we hope she will visit. At least our kid will always know how much she/he is wanted.
In any case, I got some more hope after her email.

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