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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Keepin' my back straight

I really shouldn't have to write any more words.
Tears are shed, its painfully clear that a small group of terrorists continue to try and dictate 
the rest of the world.
We think of all the innocent in Mumbai, all the broken families through fire, bombings... the fear people must have felt. 

We have read that all surrogates are sound and safe, which is wonderful(!), still, we think of the intended parents too, being oceans apart isn't easy at these times.
As we haven't started the process yet, it doesn't get easier. 
Since Alexanders extensive traveling, it is even more personal for us. He stays in hotels all over the world and for the first time he is talking about feeling angst. He has been in Mumbai and will continue to go there, it is our way of keepin' our back straight! It is our way of supporting all these Indian people.

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