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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

just back

We have had a wonderful trip to the South West of England! But a pretty shitty return. When we got back we've found out that burglars tried to get into our house, they have damaged our back door severely which has to be replaced now. The lucky part is; they didn't get into the house, so nothing is stolen.
Furthermore, we are still awaiting legal advice, our relative is a family lawyer, and doesn't know enough about the subject.
We have decided that we're going to use a specialist on the subject rather than a local family-law orientated solicitor in a rural part of the country, where with all due respect, same sex couples seem to be a rarity...
I do not imply that we haven't been welcomed warm heartedly, the whole family was fabulous and I couldn't have felt more welcome. Nevertheless, it is easier to use a specialist.
Tomorrow we have our appointment with the clinic, we're totally prepared for it, A has a standby shift, so if they call him, I will attend the appointment alone but with all the paper works filled out already and a letter of A. Just hope that A won't be called!

The wedding was unreal, think of the decor of Four weddings and a funeral, Jane Austin and hats day at Ascot, and you'll understand how beautiful it was.
Both bride and groom were so excited, made me wonder... would we like a wedding like this? They've rented a beautiful castle and it was just a perfect day. Just can't believe how much money people spent for one day! On our way back we stopped in a very picturesque village in Gloucester were we picked up an antique rocking horse were A used to sit on when he was a toddler, since we were by car it just seemed right to pick it up. It is a beauty! Hopefully it will be used one day again.

Well, off to the gym, I truly feel like a fatty after standing on the scales!! One of the coaches said 'easy on, easy off' , I just hope so!

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